8 Different Types of Cuban Chains


The Essential Accessory for Every Wardrobe

Many men have asked how they can elevate their fashion sense this year. It’s crazy that adding something as simple as the right accessory can totally transform the integrity of an outfit. You can be the biggest sneakerhead in the world, and buy all brand-name items, but if you haven’t stocked up on the essential and staple pieces for a male wardrobe capsule, your outfits are lacking. So what is the essential accessory that takes an outfit from a 7 to 10? A classic Cuban Chain Necklace is the simplest way to add extra swag to a look without making it look like you are trying too hard. That’s the thing about chain necklaces on men– they look like they belong there, and without one an outfit looks incomplete. 

Where to Start

If you are looking to add this essential accessory to your wardrobe, but are not sure where to start, that’s completely understandable. There are many different types of men’s chain necklaces that exist out there varying in length, width, style, cut, and metal. The good news is you can not go wrong in whatever you choose, however, we want to help you make the most informed opinion you can in choosing the perfect chain for you. We’ve outlined different types for you below:

Different Types of Chains

  1. The Cuban Link Chain. The Cuban Link Chain is the most classic, traditional, and popular type of chain. If you’re looking to build your essentials wardrobe, the Cuban Link Chain is a great place to start. Varying in width from anywhere from 4 millimeters to 12 millimeters, the Cuban Link Chain is made up of rings that are interlocked together making a uniform rope-like pattern that lays flat against your body. 
  1. The Connell Chain. The Connell Chain has a very similar pattern to the traditional Cuban Link Chain with the only difference being the width of the chain. The Connel Chain is generically a thinner alternative with a width of 2 millimeters while still maintaining the same classic interlocked ring pattern of its Cuban counterpart.
  1. The Rope Chain. Stunning and fully textured, the Rope Chain takes on all different forms depending on the length, width, and metal you choose. Ranging from anywhere from 2 millimeters to 5 millimeters, this design takes on a different rope design by the links being woven together into a twisted design. 
  1. The Wheat Chain. Similar in style, the Wheat chain looks practically identical to the Cuban Chain’s design except it is made up of V-shaped rings that are interlocked and braided into one another creating a cool design. These chains come in silver and gold and typically come in sizes ranging on average from 3 millimeters to 5 millimeters.
  1. The Tennis Chain. The Tennis Chain is a gold or silver chain that has diamonds inserted into the chain. This is an elevated style of chain that is sure to make a statement. For men, the average width of this chain should come to be about 5 millimeters with the length coming to be about 50 centimeters. 
  1. The Figaro Chain. The Figaro Chain is a unique look that is made up of different size links throughout the necklace. The pattern typically starts with two or three shorter links followed by a longer link and continues this way all throughout the chain. It has the most see-through open-chain link look of the different styles. On average it can be found in 3 millimeters to 5 millimeters in width, though the length and metals may vary for you to create the perfect look. 
  1. The Snake Chain. Noticeably different in look from many other chains, the Snake Chain’s links are so closely intertwined that there is no space between them to be seen. This creates an almost tubular shape that reminds many of a snake skin pattern, thus where it gets its namesake. Thinner in style, this chain comes in at 2 millimeters in width. 
  1. The G-Link Chain. The G-Link Chain differs probably most dramatically in look from the traditional Cuban Chain. This Chain is made up of either gold or silver ovals that have tiny holes on the side to link through and connect to the next oval. Unique in its makeup, this chain comes in various lengths, ranging most typically from 50 centimeters to 54 centimeters in length.
  1. The Toggle Chain. Here to make a statement, the Toggle Chain is made up of a simple design of interconnected rings. Its unique factor comes into play when you clasp it. Here the clasp to close to the necklace is a T-shape that is threaded through an O-shape link. The closure itself is a stylistic statement to be seen rather than hidden in the back. These necklaces are typically anywhere from 52 to 54 centimeters in length.