8 Easy Gifts for Groomsmen


The blushing bride has her wedding hairstyle ready, the reception hall is ready to hold all your guests, and you’ve ordered the cake, but have you figured out the right gifts for your groomsmen? They’re going to stand by your side on the biggest day of your life, so show your appreciation for their friendship and brotherhood with the perfect groomsmen gifts.

  1. Popping Bottles on the Big Day

Surprise your groomsmen with some personalized alcohol bottles filled with their favorite libations. You can choose to have old pictures emblazoned on it, write a message of thanks, or put an inside joke on the front that they’ll definitely appreciate. You can choose from a variety of popular brands, or grab beer or wine for the guys that aren’t hard liquor appreciators.

  1. A Tried and True Classic

Cufflinks are a classic choice for groomsmen gifts, and in this modern age you have a variety of ways to personalize your cufflink selection. Whether you decide to put their initials on it, insert an image you know they’ll appreciate, or the date of your wedding, it’ll be a gift that will help your groomsmen look great on the day of your wedding and in their professional lives beyond.

  1. A Sure Bet

If you and the fellas love to gamble, then a poker set for each is sure to knock their socks off. They’ll come in handy for any future poker nights, and they’ll appreciate this nonconventional gift more than something they’ll never actually use.

  1. Keep Your Dudes Dapper

Every fella needs a clean shave, so get your friends and brothers the best shave of their life. Up their debonair game with a nice shaving set. There’s no better place to get a shaving set than from a site called The Art of Shaving. Check out their variety of shaving kits filled with shaving cream, after-shave balm, oil, a shaving brush, and of course, a razor.

  1. Make a Memory

Instead of finding material things for your groomsmen, sign them up for an experience they’ll never forget and get in some good bonding time. You can all do a skydiving event, go kayaking in the ocean, rent ATVs, or any other experience you think they’ll get a kick out of. Use a website like Cloud9living.com to find fun experiences in your area. You can plan it for before the wedding, or a few weeks after all the hubbub has died down.

  1. A Crisp Collar

Make sure your groomsmen look great on the big day—and more importantly, in the pictures you’ll have for a lifetime—by getting them personalized collar stays. You can get them inscribed with their initials, and go as fancy or inexpensive as you like. Stainless steel collar stays exude a touch of class, and you know their collars will be as crisp as possible the day of the wedding—your bride will thank you.

  1. For the Classy Drinker

If your groomsmen enjoy a good drink every time and again, help them up their classy drinking game with practical items that will give them an extra bit of cool factor. The whiskey lover will be stoked with whiskey chilling stones so they never have to water down their favorite libation with ice cubes again. Copper mugs will surely please the guy who can’t get enough of his Moscow mules, and a nifty bottle opener is always a good, practical call. You also can’t go wrong with personalized flasks to help them party throughout the reception with you, and they’ll no doubt get great use from them in the future.

  1. For the Humorists

If your crew is full of jokesters that would appreciate a hilarious gift, make them all their very own personalized bobbleheads. Pick the position and outfit you want to deck out each of them in—the more ridiculous the better—and send in a picture. You’ll get back unique bobbleheads that will crack them up.

As your wedding day approaches, make sure you show your appreciation for the guys putting their time and energy into helping you celebrate your bachelor party and big day. They’re your best friends and brothers, and they deserve a token of your gratitude for their companionship and support during this exciting time of your life.