8 Fun and Helpful Ways to Use Your Smart TV in the Comfort of Your Home


Almost every item we have nowadays are smart – smartphone, smart speaker, smart bulb, smart home and of course, a smart TV.  Smart TVs were once called connected TVs, but brands and companies opt to ride on smart prefix marketing. A smart TV is any TV that has the capacity to connect on the internet and run tasks powered by the internet.

In 2017, around 45 percent of American households have at least one smart TV.  The average American citizen watches 3 hours and 46 minutes of entertainment on TV everyday. 40 percent of them watch while eating dinner, according to A.C Nielsen Co. These statistics are a reflection of how much TV entertainment we crave. Gone are the days when having cable was a bragging right. Unlike plain LED or LCD TV, smart TVs offer us a whole new level of entertainment. Here are some things you can do with your smart TV.

Web Browsing

Smart TV is capable of proving your internet browsing needs. Many smart TVs have built-in web browsers because they have their own operating system. No need for laptops, smartphones or your desktop to surf the web. In addition, I don’t think there is a laptop available that can be compared to the width of a TV.

Download Applications

Smart TVs are built with their own operating system and because of that they are capable of being downloaded with mobile applications. Smart TVs also come with its own app store, depending on its OS version.

Play Games

Because games can be downloaded with apps, you can play games available in the store. Many smart TVs are loaded with mini-games. If you are thinking, how you can navigate it, well the remote control can be used for simple, casual games. In addition, some smart TV remote controls can be used as a cursor.

Check Your Social Media

Since you can download any app available in your smart TV’s respective app store, it means you can have access to some of your social media accounts. If it is not yet preinstalled, you can download social media apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Watch Live Feeds

You can watch mesmerizing live feeds on your Smart TV. Once your TV is connected to the internet, you can easily look for apps that shows free live video streams. There are a number of applications that allows you to watch live feeds, like Ustream and Earthlapse, which gives you high-definition Earth video from the International Space Station perspective.

Stream Galore

With smart TV, you can enjoy your subscription to sites like Netflix, Stan, and Amazon Prime Video. Though it doesn’t come free with your smart TV, since these streaming services have their own subscription, you can now enjoy them on your big TV screen. In addition, your smart TV is capable of reading software programs through its HDMI port. So using connected TV devices like Amazon Fire stick, Roku or Kodi is easy breezy.

Party or Karaoke

Many smart TVs have amazing sound features. They are manufactured with powerful built-in speakers, and you can maximize the use of that by playing music through your Spotify. Now you can party to the beat of your own music without a need for a wireless speaker.

In addition, you can have an awesome karaoke experience with this electronic appliance. Just make sure you have a good internet connection and have Youtube on the app menu. Just browse for any song with lyrics on the site and voila you have your own sing-along machine.

News and Radio

No need to open your FM radio for that classic podcast type of conversation. If you feel like listen to your favorite DJ, your smart TV can handle radio app like iHeart Radio or TuneIn. No need for an antenna because everything is reliant on your internet.