8 of the Best Gifts for Serious Music Lovers


Most of us are music lovers. Music offers an escape from the everyday, and it often serves to carry us away from our everyday lives. We listen to it in our cars, on our phones, and in our homes. There are some of us who take it to the next level where music is one of the most important parts of our lives.

When it comes to getting gifts for music lovers, there are number of choices. Almost anything that is music related will do the trick, but when you want to go from just a good gift to a great one, you may have to be a bit more creative. Here are eight gifts that every music lover will love.


One thing about music lovers is that we often love music more than those around us, and we love different music than they do. So we often need to isolate ourselves with headphones. The trick is, we are often picky about the type of headphones we like, and everyone seems to gravitate toward different types.

Wireless or Corded: There are some great Bluetooth enabled headphones out there, but many music lovers still swear by the sound you get through a pair of corded headphones connected directly to the device you are listening from. You also don’t have to recharge corded headphones, and they are often more comfortable than their cordless counterparts. Before you buy, know your music lover’s preference.

Over the Ear or in Ear: Obviously over the ear headphones offer a little more sound isolation, and therefore a quality that seems better. Even without noise cancelling they isolate the user better from outside sounds. However, in ear headphones are often more comfortable, especially when it comes to working out, running, or cycling. Over the ear headphones tend to hold in sweat as well as sound.

Active Noise Cancelling: This is a great option if your music lover wants to shut out the outside world, and can be really wonderful on a plane. However, they are not as wonderful at home when you don’t hear your phone or the doorbell ring, or the burglar sneak in to rob your house. In those cases, standard headphones are usually a much better choice.

Whatever the preference of your music lover, there are many places online to find and shop for the best quality headphones.

Stand Alone Speakers

There are a number of stand-alone speakers on the market now, like the Amazon Echo and the new Apple Home Pod. These vary in quality but can make it so that your music lover can enjoy the music they love from the streaming service of their choice in every house in the room.

The key is to know their streaming preference. Google Home will work better with Google Music and services like Pandora, where the Apple Home Pod and Amazon Echo work best with each company’s own streaming service, Apple Music or Amazon Music Unlimited Respectively.

Car Audio Systems

Besides having your music on the go when you are working out or running and in every room of your home, music lovers want to listen to their favorite music as they drive as well. Having a quality sound system in their car matters.

Whether you are upgrading their current system or installing a new one, the gift of music on the go is a great gift. Modern systems connect to your phone and even offer satellite radio for those who wish to stay connected even beyond cell phone and radio range.

A Record Player

That’s right, vinyl is back and with a vengeance. For many, there is nothing quite like the sound of a high-quality recording played back on a record. Many bands are releasing or re-releasing albums on vinyl, and they are rapidly becoming the music collectors and lover’s choice. Fortunately, record players have come a long way.

Modern record players connect via Bluetooth or other wireless methods to speakers throughout the room and even your home. Cables are better than they ever have been if you have more conventional speakers.

Music Subscriptions

Yes, there are standard subscriptions like Apple Music and Amazon Music that make music lovers delighted by their selection and expansion of the lists of artists they contain.

However, there are even higher end subscriptions to services using FLAC formats and promising CD quality sound. Deezer, Tidal, and even a Spotify high end membership offer this level of quality, but it does come with a price. Still, for many music lovers it would be worth it.

Music Collections

Many bands have music collections out now, both digital and physical. These collections can be much cheaper than buying music individually. If your music lover has a favorite band or genre, getting them a collection can be a great gift.

Some have even been released on vinyl, making the gift even more meaningful if they have the above-mentioned record player.

Concert Tickets

There is no experience quite like seeing your favorite band live, and so concert tickets make a great gift for any music lover. Often, if bands are in cities close enough to yours, the experience can include a bit of a getaway.

VIP, Meet and Greet, and other ticket packages can make the experience even more meaningful if you can afford it. When looking for a gift for you music lover, look around and see what concerts are coming close to you that they would love.

A Festival Experience

Better than a single concert is a festival experience where your music lover can see several bands at once. These festivals are held around the country especially in the summer months, and there is probably one near you that would suit your music lover’s taste.

Remember to plan in advance. These festivals often sell out or lodging near them fills up quickly.

Your music lover probably has a list of gifts that would work well for them, and you need to listen carefully for clues to what they want. But using these eight as a starting point will almost guarantee your next gift to them is a home run.