8 Reasons Why You Should Go For a Beach Wedding in Loco Tulum


Without a doubt, a beach wedding is one of the most romantic ways to tie a knot.

With a salty breeze of air, a gentle glide of waves across the shore, the majestic scenery of the ocean, a scenic hue of sunset, and the blue sky giving you the most gorgeous backdrop is the perfect setting to celebrate the best day of your life.

Surrounded by jaw-dropping locations, breathtaking beaches, outstanding resorts, and remarkable weather, Mexico has become one of the popular destinations for beach weddings.

Why Choose Mexico Beach For Your Wedding?

There are many reasons to consider why Mexico is an exquisite place to acknowledge your wedding. Whether intimate or extravagant, Mexico beaches have too much to offer. 

The Sought After Beaches

The wedding venue is one of the most essential parts of your big day.

From world-famous beaches to cities pervaded with their own culture and history, Mexico is home to many stunning locations for beach destinations and an epitome of paradise and lush environment.

Since the venue contributes substantially to every wedding ceremony, Mexico being the world’s most colorful country is a perfect fit for the job.

Saying your sweetest “I do” along with the pristine water of Mexico, sandy toes and amazing scenery is such a fairy tale even with the minimal wedding design and accessories around. 

The Serenity

Away from the hustle and bustle of other crowded beaches in the United States, Mexico beach is calmer, with no huge crowds to spoil the photo ops, and undeniably more quiet. 

Along with a beautiful natural backdrop, the serene location of Mexico would be perfect for your photo and video since the few noises are from the waves hitting against the shore, the chirping of birds, and the warm breeze of air striking the trees.

Likewise, exchanging your vows with no disturbing sounds is more magical and intimate. However, getting a professional sound system is recommended in case the sound of the crashing waves would be more powerful than the sound of the ceremony.

Ideal weather

As you’ll be making the most significant commitment in your life, you wouldn’t want to ruin your big day with bad weather. Mexico is proud to say that their locations have the best constant tropical temperature. 

The warm climate leaves you at ease to celebrate your love even in the winter season. Usually, the rainy or hurricane season typically happens from June to October. Therefore, the best time to go is between November and April. 

Even with the tropical weather, evenings during the winter season can be a bit chilly so you must still get ready for the circumstances. Still, it is best to check your specific location’s weather. 

Mexican Culture

Most probably, not all couples are from Mexico; hence, paying respect to the country’s well-off culture by incorporating some Mexican tradition into your union can make sense.

One of the beloved Mexican wedding traditions called “El Lazo” or the lasso represents the couple getting married and becoming united in God’s eyes. It highlights the importance of family as the lasso, a silk cord, or rosary beads, placed around the wedding participants that are typically represented by family members during ceremony prayer and that they will keep forever.

Another Mexican tradition that you can incorporate is the “la Torna Boda”. It is a customary party for newlywed couples to spend time with their loved ones or closest friends. 

Lastly, their money dance which originally came from Spain wherein guests present cash to the wedding couple in exchange for dance and wishing them a good fortune in their married life.

Nevertheless, it is still up to the couple to associate these traditions with their wedding or not.

Mexican Beach Wedding Decorations

Aside from the picturesque scenery, Mexicans have a unique way to help you in the design or decorations of your holy matrimony. Local artisan custom-made Mexico wedding decorations such as papel picado and serape striped table runners last a long time. 

Not to mention, Mexicans have deep knowledge about the quality of flowers and other materials needed for the beach wedding.

Accessibility and Affordability

Flights to Mexico are fortunately short and inexpensive from the Us. This means that even if you handle the flights of your friends and relatives, the costs are too budget-friendly. 

Aside from the flights, destination weddings and honeymoons in Mexico are also unbelievably affordable. Numerous resorts in Mexico offer low-cost wedding packages and complimentary options with the wedding coordinator to take care of the wedding.

This will save you time and free you from worrying about preparing for your big day. Tying a knot with a fantastical view and reasonable cost is priceless.

Mexican’s Delectable Cuisine

Mexico is also known for having the best chefs worldwide. Everyone will be served a world-class cuisine at your reception be it inside the hotel or near the shore. 

Commonly, Mexico offers Mexican wedding food that includes the main course either chicken, pork, or beef, fresh tortillas as a side dish, and delicious desserts like tres leches.

Don’t forget their traditional stackable tiered wedding cake as a star on the table.

Mexico’s Fantastic Resorts

Mexico beaches are known for their multifaceted beauty, and the options for Mexico beach resorts are endless. From family-friendly settings, affordable rooms, and wedding packages up to adults-only and all-in-inclusive resorts, Mexico got it all.

Some offer fun activities, public and private plunge pools, high-end dining options, spa and fitness center, rooftop bar, and snorkeling.

Some resorts provide on-site wedding planners together with wedding venues. All-inclusive resorts in Mexico are brilliant for the transition of ceremony and reception to honeymoon. 

Marriage is an adventure. Celebrate your love at Loco Tulum Beach Wedding

Tying a knot on one of the magnificent beaches in Mexico is every bride’s dream. Tulum is an exclusive, eco-friendly, and known as the untouched slice of paradise in Mexico. 

Tulum beach is exceptionally breathtaking. With their powdery white sands, calm and ultramarine water is a magical place to set your wedding backdrop.

Loco Tulum offers plenty of all-inclusive wedding packages to choose from with many perks included. As a busy bride, their packages are a great help to you. This includes a wedding ceremony, a private buffet, cocktails for you and your guest, a perfectly decorated and well-lit reception area, an open bar, a DJ and entertainer, and of course, your dream wedding cake.

All packages are customizable such as upgrading the rooms and adding live music and other activities that will make your day extra special.

With all these perks and benefits, Loco Tulum is a magical place to celebrate your love and commitment.