8 Tricks to Starting a Conversation with Anyone


Feel shy to interact with people? You can change this habit by trying a few tricks and tips and innovating your personality. Every person has the tendencies to possess both personalities of introvert and extrovert depending upon the circumstances. If you want to explore the extrovert side of your personality, step out in the world and be a good communication starter and build a good conversation from there. Interacting with new people or socializing with them provide you with numerous benefits to your physical and mental health.

Be the part of social events

You can constantly participate in social events, which will help you to get constantly engaged with people and get comfortable. By being a part of social events, you also get an opportunity to meet and interact with new people.


Start a conversation with an open-ended question

The biggest mistake we do while talking with anyone is that we stick to the formal rules of communication like how are you or what’s your name? These questions usually end in one line which restricts communication between two people. However, you should try using some open-ended questions, so that conversation can go long enough to make yourself and the other person comfortable. For example, rather than just asking who will you vote in the coming election, a person can ask what do you think about the candidates standing in this year’s election.  

Hold a good body posture

A good body posture is the sign of confidence and attentiveness while communicating. Once the conversation begins, you should ensure whether another person is leaning toward you and actively interested in the conversation. Moreover, making eye-contact is an important key to impress another person.  


Avoid small and awkward conversation

You should avoid starting a conversation with awkward topics like cracking lame jokes or by being too much sophisticated. Choose a topic which you find common and make another person feel like you actually care about them. Keep the conversation open-ended and ensure that you are also listening to the other person’s point view.

Know the difference between compliments and flatters

Though you don’t have to flatter another person too much as it looks too fake but giving genuine and nice compliments always does the trick. Try to pick compliment something from the personality of the other person to complement rather than being materialistic. According to William Lucas, who is an who is an expert in writing homework answers and offering college essay help to students, adding, compliments are considered as one of the best communication starters. Along with that, they help in given hints to another person about your likings. Here are some compliments which you might use next while communicating with anyone:

  • It is amazing to know the person like you, who see the world so differently.
  • Your energy is too infectious.
  • I really like your brooch it’s too fancy.
  • You are really good at communicating with new people, I’m sure you can make anybody speak.

Be respectful

Avoid touching someone until the times call for it. People might feel uncomfortable when you try to be touchy. For example, it is okay to introduce to someone with a handshake, but going directly for a hug is not very appropriate. You need to take care of other person feelings while communicating. Keep analyzing the conversation; if you find any other person is not comfortable with conversation, silently walk out of it.

Take help from the mutual friend

Having a mutual friend or knowing the host of the party will make it easier to interact. Your mutual friend can break the ice and help them to start the conversation. This is a little awkward way of communicating, but tried and tested method.

Try to learn things which are common

The best way to keep the communication alive is trying to find similar and common topics which you both like to converse on. Talking about the favorite web series or TV show can show their perspectives or even crack a similar level of sense of humor.

Therefore, we could understand it is difficult tasks to steps out in the world, but these tips and tricks might help you in developing effective and efficient skills to stand in a crowd and speak to anybody. If you are both are students, then you can initiate the conversation by sharing the topic which has been assigned to you for writing your assignments. This is another way of learning new things from others and the perspectives and the approach which others follow to begin doing the academic writing task.