8 Valentine’s Gifts Every Man Wants 


Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and for many people finding the perfect gift to show their significant other how much they mean to them can feel stressful. In fact, many people identify with gifts as their Love Language. Even if the man you’re shopping for seems like he has everything, you can still show him how much he means to you with the perfect present. Keep reading for the Valentine’s Day gifts every man wants, needs, and will use.

A Cozy Robe

Valentine’s Day may occur toward the end of the winter, but it’s still cold outside! Let him cozy up in a beautiful new robe. Go with a luxurious waffle knit or even silk. Both are great fresh out of the shower or cuddling up together to binge-watch Netflix.

Pampering Products

Women aren’t the only people who benefit from pampering products, but men are much less likely to purchase their own. Suppose your partner desperately needs under-eye cream, beard oil, or even more hydrating shampoo and conditioners. In that case, these can make a simple and effective present while giving a subtle hint to pay more attention to his grooming.

New Cologne

The sense of smell is important for both the wearer and the people around them. Your significant other may already have several designer colognes in rotation, or maybe he doesn’t own any. Giving the gift of a new cologne for Valentine’s Day is also a gift to yourself, as countless studies have shown that colognes make the wearer more attractive. Swoon!

Board Games

Couples that play together, stay together! While this is a witty remark, it’s actually based on truth, as numerous studies have shown that couples who engage in hobbies together experience more happiness and longer relationships. You can go with a classic board game from childhood for a nostalgic element, or a quick search online can reveal the latest and hottest games you can try together. Have a cozy Valentine’s night with this fun present.

Temperature Controlled Mug

Is your partner a stay-at-home dad? A busy student? Even if he’s none of these things, most adults rarely get to finish an entire cup of coffee in peace, meaning that our cup of Joe is often lukewarm at best by the time we finish it. Let him take control of his morning coffee or tea and its temperature with a modern and sleek temperature-controlled mug.

A Record Player

People who collect records will tell you that nothing sounds better than a song being played on vinyl. Let him find out if this is true by getting him great turntables and a small starter collection of records by his favorite artist. Record players make such a cool piece in any living room or bedroom, and who knows? You may have even started a new hobby for him. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a true audiophile.

Custom Portrait 

While the gift of a custom portrait may seem like a total splurge, you don’t have to spend thousands on an artist to do an oil painting to give a personalized and thoughtful Valentine’s gift. A quick search on Etsy will reveal thousands of artists who can do a portrait in any size or medium that suits your taste or budget. You can do an entire family portrait, just the two of you, or even of their beloved pet, but this is a gift they will treasure for a lifetime.

Wine or Beer Subscription 

Does the man you’re shopping for love unwinding at the end of a long day with a few beers or a glass of wine? Take the guesswork out of what he’s drinking each night by signing him up for a whiner beer subscription service. Not only can he try new beers and wines that he may have never heard of, but the convenience of not having to run to the store is also a gift in itself.

There’s something for everyone on the list, so take a deep breath, forget the stress of trying to find the perfect present, and use one of the above items as inspiration. He’s guaranteed to love it; chances are he already wanted it. Happy Valentine’s Day!