9 Delicious Nutritional Food Stuffs of Sydney


As the locals of Sydney usually dine on the fried rice, Thai curries as well as various Mediterranean cuisines, but actually these dishes does not really belong to Australia. Usually the foods of Australians are being largely influenced depending on the areas in which they usually live.

fruits and vegetables

But the traditional Australian foods that are mostly preferred by majority of Australians are being suggested by catering Sydney which is as follows:

  1. Hamburger with beetroot:





The delicious burger served by adding slinging piece of beetroot with the toppings of Aussie beef is more preferred by Australians due to its high nutritional value. This nutritional hamburger is the favorite food of the locals that contains a soft-bun, cheese, all-beef Pattie along with well garnishing and little touch of beetroot.

  1. Macadamia nuts:



The residents of Eastern Australia prefer mostly eating macadamia nuts as its their delicious traditional food. These macadamia nuts can be eaten raw or even they could be included in variety of dishes as it adds additional delicious flavor to that. This is truly a versatile nut that could be added as toppings on lamb roasts, breads or even on cakes too to give it a delicious flavor.

  1. Weet-Bix:


Weet-Bix is a high-fiber biscuit usually taken during breakfast made up of whole-grain wheat. This biscuit has been favorites of Australians since 1930 that is made up of Queensland bananas or strawberries or even with a spoonful of sugar mixed within it. Usually it appears small brick-like structure and is very sweet that could be taken with milk. Small kids too like this biscuits as this serves them as most nutritious food.


  1. Lamingtons:


Lamington, that is often referred as “National cake of Australia” is a square-shaped sponge cake that is coated in layer of chocolate icing along with garnishing of dried coconut. It usually comes in two halves containing a layer of jam or cream in the middle and can be found in the cafes. This could be taken with tea or coffee as snacks during small refreshments.

  1. Green chicken curry pie:

Australians are crazy about Thai foods and more especially they love pies a lot. To make nutritious green chicken curry pie one could put Thai chicken green curry inside the pie casing and thus you can enjoy the nutritious Aussie variant of green curry.


  1. Fish n chips by the beach:

Most probably the best seafood in the world is the fish and chips which are almost guaranteed fresh fish service of Australia. The fish n chips that are being served with salt and lemon being wrapped in paper or white wrapping is most loving food of Australians. One can enjoy it as crispy snacks during a day out along the beaches of Australia.


  1. Prawn cocktail:

Prawn cocktail, a traditional seafood starter made up of shelled prawns cooked up with mayonnaise as well as tomato dressing is mostly preferred by the locals of Australia. These are served in the glasses and even sometimes along with a lettuce leaf. Starting the day with prawn cocktail really makes the day a good one.


  1. Chicken parmigiana:

The parmigiana that was started as an eggplant in dish in Italy has lured most of the Australians. Since it has been evolved as the chicken schnitzel topped along with an Italian-inspired tomato sauce as well as melted cheese. Usually this dish is served on the occasion of marriage or during wonderful union on the “parma” night.


  1. Grilled kangaroo:

Australians do eat their National Animal too. The grilled kangaroo are being cooled up rarely at medium flame and that too primarily from one side. Garnished with garlic, pepper, rosemary, juniper along with the fruity flavors could go well when served to Aussies.

grilled kandaroo

Thus, these were top 9 nutritional foods of Sydney that lures most of the Australians towards them.


Author’s Bio:

Daniel Clark, a highly skilled professional Australian chef is sharing top 9 nutritious food stuffs of Australia. He is working in popular catering company in Sydney and is very well aware of the popular dishes served over there.