9 Signs That Your Heating System Needs a Newmarket Appliance Repair


On average, your ducted heating system has a lifespan of 15-20 years. But, like any household appliance, they will need to be repaired or replaced once they’ve reached that limit. While some of the signs aren’t evident, you need to be able to spot them in order to repair your heating system effectively.

Some warning signs that your heating system needs repairs or a replacement include:

Cold or Hot Spots

If the ductwork breaks, you’ll notice uneven cooling or heating in your home. This includes cold spots when your heater is running, or hot rooms when the air conditioner is supposed to cool the house down. We suggest you place your hand in front of the ducts to find out if the air is at the right temperature.

Odd Noises

Once in a while, your heating appliance will make an occasional popping noise. This is because the ducts start expanding and contracting because of the changing temperature. But, if it continuously makes a shaking or rattling noise, chances are the ducts have aged or loose and will need a new market appliance repair. When you have your boiler losing pressure, the best is getting it fixed as soon as possible or determining if you should replace it instead.

High Energy Bills

Also, if your heating system is damaged, it will use more energy to help heat up your home. If your energy bill is significantly higher than usual, there is a chance that your appliance is going to need professional help.

Mold or Dust Build-up

If your home has poor air quality, your allergies becoming triggered or you believe that there’s a build-up of mold or dust in your system, we suggest that you contact an HVAC licensed professional to clean and repair your system.

If this problem goes on unnoticed will lead to poor air quality, increased energy bills, and inefficient heating. No matter how “spotless” your home appears, the dirty ducts will direct contaminants to move throughout your home.


When you’re conducting newmarket appliance repair on your ducts or heating systems, you might notice evidence of mice droppings or other vermin activity. You might even smell them throughout the house, as vermin like the warmth of your heating system.

Even if you see one pest that’s living in your vents, speak to a pest control specialist as soon as possible. The pests can result in damage to your heating appliances or contaminated air being shown throughout your home.


A foul smell throughout your home is the fastest way to ruin anyone’s comfort, and it’s an indication that you need to repair your heating appliances. A moldy smell might indicate that there’s mildew present due to the excessive condensation that’s been gathered along the air ducts.

To solve this problem, speak to an HVAC professional to ensure that your system isn’t completely damaged and the contaminated air isn’t being spread throughout the house. If you notice a chemical or stuffy smell, speak to an HVAC professional to prevent contaminated air and gas leaks from spreading and damaging your home.  

Reduced Air Flow

Do you notice yourself having to increase the heating temperature higher than usual in order to reach the same effect? This indicates that your ducted heating appliance might not be working well – speak a professional to enjoy your duct heating system fully.

Hot Surfaces or Walls

Your heating appliance is meant to provide warmth to your body. If you notice any heat damage or it feels too hot to touch other household surfaces, your ducted heating system is in need of repair.

Old Age

As we stated earlier, you might need to replace your HVAC systems once they start showing signs of age. If you’ve used it for over 20 years or more, you need to replace it immediately. Annual maintenance is required for all HVAC systems so have it checked out to ensure that it works properly, especially if its an older model.

Closing Remarks

In most of the above scenarios, your heating system might only need a 30 minute clean. But, most of these situations can present a larger risk, such as a system breakdown, carbon monoxide leaks, or contaminated air that can negatively affect your respiratory health. To conclude, find out the contact a reputable heating company to ensure that your appliances are fixed within a reasonable time frame.