9 Space Saving Small Townhouse Kitchen Design Ideas


Have you recently renovated your house but have a small kitchen? You do not need to be concerned because there are countless ideas that you can use to utilize your small kitchen without making things a mess. The designs and ideas will maximize the storage and allow you to use your kitchen effectively.

Using these ideas, you can enjoy cooking, hanging out, and even making space for extras in your small kitchen. First, read on to find small townhouse kitchen ideas comfortable in a single wall open kitchen or little galley kitchen. Then, utilize them to make the most of your small kitchen while still making it look cleaner, organized, and sophisticated.

Best Small Townhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

Below are the small townhouse kitchen design ideas that can help you save space:

1. Add a Prep Area

Big kitchens have Caesarstone and soapstone islanders placed in the middle to use that space for cutting, dining, and other kitchen activities. However, a small kitchen might lack the space to install an islander, whether quartz or Caesarstone, or any other material. 

But you have the option to bring in a rolling kitchen cart. The small bar or cart can work as a space to hold your tools and ingredients while you cook. You can also use this counter to chop vegetables, set up cutlery, etc.

2. Improvisation with Custom Hardware

Use custom hardware to add extra storage space in your kitchen. For example, you can use a tinted mirror and contrasting paint to fabricate different designs, such as an eye on the door that looks winking when you open it—using hardware statement pieces like jewellery, broken tile pieces, etc. 

3. Staying Organized is Essential

It is essential to stay organised, even if your kitchen or bedroom is too small. Keeping things organized in your kitchen might seem like a huge task, but you can start from scratch by arranging the lids of all your plant pots in symmetry. Use a big container to store all your spices so that they stay sorted. 

Additionally, use a rack to store your pans if there are no cabinets. You can’t afford to waste any space in big kitchens. However, in smaller spaces, you have to use it in a way that you can easily grab all your stuff. Organizing a kitchen well also makes it look a lot cleaner and accessible. 

4. Streamline Your Dish Duties

Set up a dishwasher room in a smaller kitchen. You must ensure that your kitchen sink is tidy and efficient. Add a dish rack to keep the washed utensils after you wash them so they can dry and not create a mess. 

Ensure that you install a stainless-steel dish rack that will directly drain the water into the sink and not rust with time. In addition to this, it is easier to store utensils using a dish rack as it does not take up a lot of room and saves the energy bill. 

5. Add Some Fun Glassware

Since you have a small kitchen, you do not have much space to play with decor. Hence, you can add some glassware to your kitchen to make it look classy and elegant. 

Fun glassware such as colourful drinking glasses does the talking for you. In addition to that, you can display stemware or an arty pitcher on your kitchen shelf and even use a countertop vase for this purpose. 

4. A Portable Kitchen Islander

A tightly-packed kitchen does not mean you cannot have an island. Instead, it gives you more space to experiment and use unique things. One of the unique things is to get a customised islander with wheels on it. You can use a soapstone islander as it is less heavy than Caesarstone. 

You can use the islander when you are cooking the dinner to prepare the things. Then, when the dinner is ready, you can push it to the side or place it near the living area as a breakfast table. 

Interestingly, it can also be reused as a minibar. However, you should prefer making slimmer legs for your table with rolling wheels so you can put up a few trays in it to make it multi-purpose. 

5. Use Light Colors in Your Kitchen 

The lighter the kitchen, the bigger it will look. Using nature as a part of your kitchen decor is one of the best ways to make your townhouse kitchen visually expanded. Keep a light-coloured countertop, cutlery, walls, backsplashes, and millworks. It will help your small kitchen look bigger and brighter. 

6. Maximize the Floor Space

The shape of your room and the size of your furniture impacts the square footage of your kitchen. Therefore, you should pay attention to the structure of your furniture. 

Choose a dining table with a circular shape. It will maximize the floor space and make your kitchen look rather bigger. Additionally, the use of unique shapes also adds up sophistication and elegance to your kitchen. 

7. Use Smaller Appliances

Fortunately, small appliances are now available in higher quality. If you have small appliances, they will take up less space and create more space for you to experiment. One of the most famous townhouse kitchen ideas is to use a combination of appliances. 

Meaning, you can choose an appliance that serves the purpose of microwave and convection together. This way, you can save space for two appliances and use the remaining space for organizing the other available stuff in your small kitchen. 

8. Use the Wall-Space

The empty wall space is such a great way to ensure that your kitchen looks expanded. Using your wall, you can build an excellent and effective storage system. For example, you can use walls as pegs for frying pans, hook up mugs, or place up a rod for most commonly used utensils. In addition, you can use the space on countertops to place greenery pots. 

9. Consider a Mirrored Backsplash 

Mirrors are handy when you have menial light in your kitchen. They can help to open the space up to bounce back the light. Moreover, using a mirrored backsplash makes your kitchen look bigger and expanded. 


Having a small townhouse kitchen makes you play around with your unique ideas. You can utilize the time on the walls, change the furniture design, and even set a colour scheme with appliances to make it visually expanded. Use our small townhouse kitchen design ideas mentioned above to set your kitchen apart from others.