9 Things To Consider When Buying a House


Buying a home is one of the most exciting yet possibly scary occasions you can go through in life. The guarantee is that there will always be someone willing to offer you advice, whether you ask for it or not. Although, there’s always a few important points that often get forgotten about and could risk overshadowing the move to your new home.

The Infographic below identifies 9 key things that are often not spoken about when you’re in the process of buying a new home, such as restrictive covenants and staging. Restrictive covenants determines what you can and cannot do with your house, despite owning it. If you do realize that there are restrictions, then firms such as Lawsure allow you to take out restrictive covenant indemnity insurance, protecting you against the claim of the covenant in the future.

Staging is another one to be careful of. This determines what is part of the physical property upon purchase and what is simply making up the show home. Staging properties are found to sell for around 8% more than non-staging, so be sure to enquire as to what is part of the property and what isn’t.

One common issue that isn’t often at the forefront of consideration is the plumbing pressure. Ensuring that the pipes aren’t made of lead and that there is water pressure is essential to ensuring that you won’t be forking out thousands in the near future when the boiler fails.

The infographic below identifies 9 common things that are often overlooked when buying a house but it’s always worth doing your research before going into view a house to understand what the potential shortcomings could be. This could be broadband coverage, neighbor relationships, access to nearby shops, schools and main roads (will the outside of your house be gridlock when you want to do the school run?). Good luck!