9 Ways You Can Make Your Chilly Bedroom Cozy This Winter


Waking up in the winter to a cold bedroom makes getting ready for work and other morning commitments even more difficult. When you have a drafty, chilly space, your mood and energy can be affected by making you feel sluggish. What you need to do is find ways to warm up your sleeping space. Here are nine easy ideas to make your bedroom cozy this winter.
1. Add a Space Heater
One simple solution is to purchase a small electric space heater for your bedroom. Turn it on during the cold winter nights, and you’ll feel an immediate difference. While the initial cost is cheap, you may see an increase in your electricity usage with these powerful devices.
2. Use an Electric Blanket
If you’d rather focus the warmth on the space around your bed, you may want to try out an electric blanket. While this idea can heat up your sleeping area quickly, there are a few safety standards to follow to ensure your blanket usage doesn’t lead to an accident or overheating.
3. Unclog Your Vents
For some homeowners, the problem with their chilly bedroom lies within their entire heating system. Their bedroom may not be getting warm enough due to a variety of reasons. One simple reason may be related to your bedroom’s vents. Check out the vents leading to your bedroom, and clear any dust or debris to make the heat come out more efficiently.
4. Lay Rugs Down
Another idea to help raise the temperature in your room is to lay down rugs on your floor. If you have a solid surface floor, like hardwood or tile, this can easily make your space retain a little more heat.
5. Get Flannel Sheets
Your bedding choice can also influence how warm your space is. Choose heavy bedding material, like flannel, to keep things cozy.
6. Use Natural Light
You can also attempt to harness the power of the sun during those cold winter months. Keep window blinds open during the warmest part of the day to help naturally heat your room with sunlight.
7. Service Your HVAC System
Sometimes, you have to face the fact that your heating system may need an upgrade to keep your rooms comfortable. Schedule a furnace repair appointment with your local service provider, like Wagner Mechanical, to keep your system running smoothly.
8. Caulk Your Windows
You may also be losing heat from gaps in your room, like around the windows. Plug up these drafty spaces that lead to the bitter cold outside with a cheap solution like a caulking gun. You should immediately notice a difference.
9. Buy a Hot Water Bottle
The last way to warm up your bedroom is a solution from hundreds of years ago, a hot water bottle. Heat up your water bottle before bed, and place it on your sheets before you’re ready to turn in for the night. You’ll get a cozy and warm sleeping space that will help you drift off to dreaming of summer.
You can start solving your bedroom’s draft problems if you try some of these instant warming solutions. Then, this winter, you can start looking forward to relaxing in your bedroom.