A Complete Guide for Buying Clothes Online Like a Pro


Shopping online is undoubtedly the most convenient option as it offers you the freedom to explore an extensive collection of clothes from the comfort of your living space. You can choose your most-loved brands, order your top picks and have your packages delivered right at your doorstep at just a click of a button. But along with all the pros, it also includes some shortcomings, like your favorite dress that you have ordered for an upcoming function arriving later than the mentioned time.

So, to avoid time aggravation, dilemmas related to size and colors, we have compiled ten quick tips that would make your online shopping hassle-free.

  • Know Your Measurements

Visit a tailor to get exact measurements. Online shopping for clothes can be a risk because sizes vary widely across different brands. Hence, it is essential to match your exact measurements with the provided sizing chart. The first thing you need to do before clicking on the order button is to measure yourself. Pen down your numbers and keep them handy when you are shopping online. Always make sure that you are clear on the store’s sizing policies before you start adding clothes to your virtual shopping cart.

Almost every online clothing stores have a section of their website consecrated to translate sizing (small (S), medium (m), large (L), extra-large (XL)) into accurate measurements. So, never forget to read the sizing information carefully before proceeding ahead to order.

  • Always Read The Customers  Reviews

Customer reviews are crucial pieces of information. Most online retailers bequeath an area for shopper reviews where you can get a better idea of the quality, color and size of the desired garment. You can even check the honest reviews on trusted customer review portals like Reviewsxp. Always remember to check the feedbacks as the dress that looks great in the photo might end up being loose or tight. Henceforth, it is important to realize that reviews are valuable feedback which assists you in negotiating the credible item.

  • See The Online Return Policy Before You Buy Anything

It is advisable to always read the return policies before placing the order. Even if you are sure about your purchase decision, make sure that you browse the return policy to know all the ins and outs. Policies are radically clear and transparent, but it is your responsibility to understand all that info before you put your credit card down. Do not forget to read the section that involves info related to the free returns (In how many days customers have to return the product and in which conditions: same package, and so on.), exchanges and refund (Inform users how will they receive the refund for the product: credit on their credit/debit card or on the same original method of payment they’ve used.)

  • Research Materials

There are thousands of online shopping sites in India showing high-quality photos, detailed product descriptions, but still, the order you receive is sometimes affected. Since you cannot touch the fabric, it is necessary to research and familiarize yourself with the fabric quality. Scan the reviews from previous customers to get a genuine opinion about the clothes you want to order. Prepare a note of their material compositions to search about it on other sites and make sure that it fulfills your requirement. Moreover, there are several videos available on youtube where you can easily find the desired product review.

  • Take Notes About Your Purchases

Always remember to take notes about your order, what did you buy, what size and how did it fit. You can keep a record of your favorite brand and can use it for future online shopping. This tip will be beneficial for those who like to explore and often buy clothes online. After preparing this note, it would be stress-free and easier for you to purchase clothes online without negotiating through the size tables or other details again and again.

  • Compare The Prices

Sometimes the cost for the same clothing item may differ from seller to seller. So, before you place an order online make sure to compare the prices from multiple online stores as there is always a chance to find a better deal. There are different comparison sites available such as MySmartPrice, Junglee, CompareIndia etc. where you can examine the price easily. You can even save your money during sales and Happy hours and there are other type of sites who sells clothes for cheap but in wholesale.

  • Read The Product Descriptions

Once you have selected your favorite piece of clothing, dig a little deeper and check out the product description. The description will give you comprehensive information about fabric, the cut, colour, whether it is a machine wash or dry clean, etc.

Hence, never click the “buy now” button without reading the product description because then you will skip lots of detail that will eventually disappoint you.

  • Make Security A Topmost Priority

Maximum online retailers you see in the market are reliable and authentic. But you cannot rely on web blindly because it just takes one phishing site to put your card information at risk. During the signing, up process make sure that you do not give the account detail. Your name and address are required, but your security number and bank account are not. Only use an encrypted website for shopping. Websites that start with “https://” are secured, and many Internet browsers also display a closed padlock in the lower right-hand corner of your browser screen to indicate encrypted security. Make security the top priority while placing an order for a safer experience.

  • Leave Item On Your Shopping Cart

Just because something is out of your budget does not mean you will delete that item from the shopping cart. You can wait for a couple of days to get the best deal. Also, now online retailers can keep tabs on your shopping activity and hence can even give you a coupon to motivate you to buy (and save) the item you thought was out of your price range. So, always apply a coupon and see if there is a discount to get your favorite clothing item at a reasonable price.

  • Free Shipping

Free and cheap shipping can make a significant difference to your budget. Always check the shipping costs before buying a piece of clothing, as it can sometimes cost you a serious amount. Luckily, there are online retail stores that offer free shipping options. Some expect the use of free shipping codes, and others are automatically calculated when you check out. So, always try to go for the item that charges zero shipping cost.

Follow our ten steps to buy clothes online, and you will get the right fit and the right items!

If you have any query or any other tips for buying clothes online, drop them in the comments section below.