A Few Designer Tips to Decorate A Bedroom


Whether it’s occupied or unoccupied, you always love it. It’s a part of your home but still sizzle your heart more than any other corner, why???  Because, it’s a place where you spend some of your best relaxing time– reading, sleeping, lounging, snuggling and most importantly, you share those lovely-doubly talks with your partner.

Yes, we are talking about your bedroom! If your bedroom is a place special among all the rooms then it must be a heaven.  If not, it should be better comparatively. So, let’s get prepared and make your bedroom resplendent with these tips and ideas and spice up its look.


You want your space to be cozy and sensual and have some personality. These tips will help but, before you get into the course of instauration be sure to consider what you, your partner and other important member prefer. Don’t hesitate in trying out new trends preferred by your kids and your partner, it’s promised, if done in a well professional manner and if done by true feelings, it can boast eye-bubbling results.

First, determine the Looks and Layout of your Bedroom  

Before you step up to buy new bedroom furniture, bear the size of bedroom in mind to make a right and well fitted set. Never buy furniture without determining the layout of your home, even though you need a dressing table, two nightstands and 1 dresser, you might not have the space in your bedroom. Once you’re done with the furniture, spare some time and choose the right color scheme and decorations that reflect your personality.

the Looks and Layout of your Bedroom

Show off chic lighting

Lights can alone change the overall face of your bedroom. If not placed properly your damn pretty room will look dull but if you managed to make the perfect use of lights then they can make it look wow with no extra bucks. Try to use light colors to open up the bigness of your bedroom. Try to add less heavy bedroom furniture sets to give it some extra space.

Show off chic lighting

Do some experiments with curtains  

Curtains are certain to work on. You can’t ignore the importance of your curtains while revamping your bedroom’s look. Change the boring colors and dull fabric. Buy some cool ones from the market. Try to choose colors considering the wall paints. Hang them just over your window, have them start top of the wall, plunge to the floor and broaden to a width beyond your window frame. Then, for a dynamic effect, pull them so that they are open to the window’s edge.


Avoid arts and hang mirrors

Are you still stuck to the ideas of hanging arts? If yes, get a change into this. As comparing to the antique arts and paintings, mirrors are less expensive and help making your bedroom look bigger. Go for some cool detailed frames like wrought-iron for better impression on the viewers.  By applying these tips and tricks, you’ll have a great and completely a new version of bedroom that you had always desired. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s start furnishing your bedroom now!


I am Myla Clark from Retail-furniture.com. I enjoy blogging and write blogs on home décor and Home Improvement related areas. I would like to guest post for your readers and feel blessed if I got an opportunity.