A Gold Watch is Still a Must Have Item for Men


There are some things that will stay the same even if the world is being more and more technology-based. It is human nature to judge each other by how we look and the way we dress. This is simply an inescapable truth. To be clear, your value as a person is not to be equated by your appearance. Your manner of dressing is but a message you convey to the outside world.

Men especially when it comes to business, might have less options when it comes to fashionably communicating a good image. Nothing however, makes a stronger statement of success than wearing a nice gold watch. This article will discuss some reasons why such timepiece is still relevant today.

You are taken seriously

Wearing it says that you mean business. Nobody wants to deal with a lightweight. You probably want to transact with someone who is serious as well. The gold watch only means that you have worked long and hard, put in the necessary hours to achieve your goals and have something to show for it. This is a form of instant credibility, which can prove to be especially useful for businessmen.

The accessory promotes a powerful image when worn correctly. It would of course be difficult to be taken seriously when it is overdone. The watch should be worn to make a good impression and not the opposite. Any gaudy, over-the-top displays would likely be frowned upon. To successfully pull this off, try using an elegant statement piece that gets the job done without going overboard.

Status symbol

Regardless of what other people may say about its pricey cost, having a gold watch does indicate that you have attained a certain position in life. Being able to afford one requires a good amount of skill, effort and luck. It tells other people that you were able to successfully achieve substantial goals. Wearing this piece can do some but not all of the talking for you. It can come in handy both for your professional and personal life.

The watch can help you stick out from the crowd. A luxurious timepiece can attract the right contacts, especially those with a trained eye. This could potentially create an aura of intrigue around you. For single men, this can help project that you are a capable provider to a potential mate. Investing in one to invite more good things in your life seems like a wise choice.

Increase in value

Gold watches coming from some reputable brand names have a tendency to become more valuable with the passage of time. Depending on the story surrounding it and its availability, a certain watch model will have a better resale value than others. That is of course, if you are willing to part with it. Regardless, a vintage timepiece is likely to carry with it more significance and character than something that is new on the market. This is because of its proven performance and marketability throughout the years.

One of these brands is Rolex. It is a well-known company that has been producing luxurious watches for men and women alike. The Cosmograph Daytona made its debut in 1963 though continues to provide watch enthusiasts with quality timepieces. This black face 18k yellow gold model was released in 2016 though continues to be a popular design. It might be the watch that you are looking for.

Because you want it

Whenever you decide on buying a very expensive piece of jewelry, make sure that you would actually enjoy wearing it. There is no point in stashing it away somewhere plainly for investment purposes. If you have it, use it. It is a symbol of your achievements, which you should not be shy about. There is however a difference between showing off and projecting a more confident image.

Men who are self-assured will know where the distinction lies. Besides, what will you use to tell time with? Taking out your cell phone certainly has a different effect than flipping your wrist to look down on a nice gold watch.

Something to be remembered by

The timepiece symbolizes your achievements and hard work. It can serve as a reminder of the discipline and effort it took to get you there. Leaving this with your loved one when the time comes can prove to be a very special moment. Your loved one will surely cherish the watch, regardless of its monetary value. If anything, it will serve as an inspiration to continue the tradition of excellence that you have taught them.

What better item to represent this than a gold watch? Your memory will of course always be safe in their minds and hearts. The timepiece is but a nice heirloom to pass onto the next generation.