A Groom’s Checklist for the Morning of His Wedding


Whoever said that the groom had it easy on the wedding day must have never experienced how it is to be a groom. It is just as exciting and nerve-wrecking, and that is only half of the story. The groom has to endure the agony of being in the wedding ceremony venue first and wait for the bride to show up before the happiest day of their life as a couple can get to start.

But before that, the morning of the wedding is also a busy time for the groom. Like the bride, he has to prepare and consult his checklist of the things he has to remember and accomplish.

Wake Up and Embrace the Day

The groom might have a good time with his best man and groomsmen the night before, but it should not be a reason to be late in his big day. He must set the alarm several times just in case the first one fails. It is also mandatory for the groom to wake up at least two hours before the ceremony so he will have ample time to prepare and look his best.

A long hot shower, or a cold one if it is the warmer time of the year, can do the trick to make him fully wake up. It can also make him relax and keep the jitters at bay.

Keep Track of Important Accessories

It could be the bride and groom’s wedding bands or the wedding documents. The groom has to make sure they are placed somewhere where he can easily find them before leaving for the ceremony.

The cufflinks, handkerchief, and watch must also be put in a single garment bag along with other necessities. The boutonniere is usually received in the venue, but just in case it is not, the groom must also make sure it is taken care of.

Go and Have Some Breakfast

No matter how nervous a groom is, it is still absolutely a must for him to get something to eat. The nerves might make him lose appetite, but he won’t want to faint on his own wedding. It will be a long day so a sufficient meal to make him last through the ceremony and the first part of reception is advisable.

He can also make use of breakfast or brunch to check on his entourage. A meal with his closest friends and family can be a memorable experience on his last few moments as a bachelor.

Make the Necessary Arrangements

There is nothing like taking charge to distract one from worrying and nervousness. A groom can check if everything is in order. The chauffeur is ready and knows the direction to the ceremony. The planner is up and making arrangements for the big day. His entourage is up and ready. He can also do some room cleaning. Sometimes the photography session is done in the groom’s suite so it is a good idea for the groom to clean up the mess and make sure that the room is camera ready for his photo session.

Prepare the Payments and the Gifts

Once everything is in order and the groom has a lot of time but there is nothing else to do, he can prepare the check for the people they hired to organize the wedding—the planner, florist, caterer, and all the others.

The groom should also make sure his unique groomsmen gifts are good and ready. It is more than etiquette that dictates one to give a token of appreciation to friends and family members who make up the groom’s entourage. After all, they have been with him through thick and thin, and they willingly give their time, energy, and effort on his wedding day.

The big day is not made for the bride alone. The groom must also do his part. One wrong move can spell disaster, so it is only sensible that a groom pay attention to details in to make their special day run smoothly. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the bride and the groom deserve nothing less.