A Guide On How To Pack Glassware, Heirlooms, And China


When planning to pack your household items for a move, you need to know that some items are more delicate than others. Therefore, you need to be well prepared and organized and ensure you have the right packing materials. 

Packing glassware, heirlooms, and china can be a challenging task. Whether there are china cups, you purchased recently or a beautiful set of mugs you inherited from your grandmother, packing these fragile items needs care and attention. 

Even if you have involved NYC commercial movers, you might have sleepless nights wondering if your glassware or heirlooms are well packed or if the professional movers had sufficient bubble wrap to wrap your items. 

This is because it is not an easy task to pack fragile items such as china or glassware. Even for professional movers, skills and experience are needed. Also, if you decide to pack them on your own, there are a few things you need to note before you start packing. 

To involve a professional moving company to help you pack is a good decision. This is because they are experts, well-trained, and better equipped to wrap, pack, and move valuable items carefully. 

To help you package and move your valuable items, here is a simple guide on how to pack glassware, heirlooms, and china when moving. 

How to Pack Glassware, Heirlooms, and China

Step 1 – Get the right packing materials

The first thing when packing fragile items is to get the right packing materials. This will ensure you pack them well and that there are no breakages. 

To ensure you are safe, make sure you go for high-quality packing materials. Happily, there are boxes and other supplies designed for such items. Look for them to pack your valuable plates, mugs, glass, and others. 

Some of the materials you need include quality packing boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, packing peanuts, and a marker among others. 

Step 2 – Wrap them with packing paper

After getting the materials, now you can start packing. Look for a level and sturdy surface, and then place a clean packing paper on top. The packing paper should be large enough to wrap around your item.

Start folding the paper inward with your item in the middle of the packing paper. Go for one corner at a time to make sure the item is fully wrapped with the packing paper. Then secure the paper with a tape. 

Step 3 – Wrap with bubble wrap

The next step is to place a sheet of bubble wrap in the packing area. Also, the bubble wrap should be large enough to wrap around the item. 

Place the item at the center of your bubble wrap and fold it inward. Fold one corner at a time. Once you are through folding, secure it with packing tape.

Step 4 – Choose a box

Get a packing box that will fit your fragile items. Your packing box should not be too big or too small for the items. Hence, packing the right moving box is essential. 

With the right box, your items will fit in well, and you will be sure they will not roll or rattle around. This means they will be secure inside the box. 

Step 5 – Add extra protection to the box

To ensure your valuables are well secured, you need to add extra protection. Get packing peanuts, towels, or bubble wrap at the bottom of the box before packing your glassware or china. 

Adding extra padding is to protect your valuable items when moving. This will ensure there are no breakages even when the ride to the new home is bumpy. 

Step 6 – Pack your fragile items

After placing the extra protection, you can now pack your glassware, china, and other valuable items. Load every item carefully inside the box, and ensure you place the heaviest things on the bottom. 

Once you notice the box cannot hold more items, do not overpack. Also, make sure you fill the remaining voids in the box with packing paper or peanuts. Then secure the box with heavy-duty tape. 

Step 7 – Label your boxes

It would help if you labeled all your boxes when moving. However, you need to ensure everyone, including the professional movers, can tell the box has fragile items for fragile items. 

It would help if you labeled the box on all sides. Make sure you include the FRAGILE so that movers can treat the boxes with a lot of care. 

Step 8 – Inventory all your items

Even though it may seem like a lot of work, it is important to inventory all your household items. Also, it is the perfect way to keep track of your belongings. 

By inventorying your belongings, professional movers will be able to group properly when loading and unloading. Moreover, it makes loading and unloading easier. 


To many people, the thought of packing glassware, heirlooms, and china gives them a nightmare. They are fragile items that can easily break when relocating from one area to another. 

If you feel the process might be a challenge for you, engaging a professional moving company is the best option. By hiring movers such as NYC movers, you will be assured that all your valuable items will be well packed and moved. 

The company has trained personnel who understand the nature of items such as china and glassware. In addition, they are well-trained, and the moving trucks are well-paddled on the well to ensure your items are moved properly.