A Guide to Buying Wholesale Diamond Engagement Rings


When it comes to buying engagement rings men and women have very different considerations. Usually, men are more concerned about the price of the diamond while girls focus on 4 C’s cut, color, clarity, and carat. Is there any way to satisfy a man’s budget and women’s desire? Yes! Two things should be kept in mind while shopping for your diamond ring the price and the quality. If you are looking for a magnificent diamond ring at a reasonable price and need some buying tips, you have come to the right place. To learn about how you can shop for diamond engagement rings, heed these tips! 


Buy From a Diamond Wholesaler

Forget about your local jewellery shop reach towards for wholesalers. If you are looking for a diamond within your budget, then consider the option of buying from diamond wholesalers. Prices are very high due to the labor involved with mining diamonds and the supply chain. Purchasing diamond from your local jewellers can be costly. Why? Diamond suppliers sell their diamonds to the wholesalers who then sell to your local jewelers from where you buy. Instead of buying from jewellery shop, why not to purchase directly from wholesalers? Great idea, right? If you are looking for a wholesaler, then randor wholesale has some of the best quality diamonds out there with easy return policy which most of the sellers do not offer. They are expert when it comes to 4C’s of the diamond. Speaking of 4C’s, they are the most critical elements involved while shopping for a diamond. Below are all 4C’s discussed in detail to make your diamond purchase easier. 

Cut of the Diamond

The most important of the 4C’s is the cut. It determines how reflective the diamond is. It doesn’t matter much if a diamond has perfect clarity and a color grade until the cut is poor. It is the most significant factor in creating sparkle and fire, and without a high cut grade,diamonds appear faded and lifeless. There are three most popular diamond cuts you can choose from round, princess, and cushion. As a rule, round-cut diamonds ate traditional, whereas princess-cut is feminine. Ladies who pick cushion cut set themselves apart from the crowd. 

Color of the Diamond

After the cut, diamond color is the second most essential characteristic to consider while shopping. The high-quality diamonds are always colorless. On the other hand, diamonds that have noticeable color are of lower quality. The diamond color is graded on a scale of D to Z by The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which is from colorless to light yellow or brown. A diamond’s color defines the rarity of the diamond, the more it is closed to Z the less expensive it would be. You can save some money here by choosing a diamond rating from G-I.

Clarity of the Diamond

Diamond’s clarity is the assessment of flaws on the surface and under the surface. Imperfectionson the surface are called blemishes, and internal defects are known as inclusions. The clarity measurement scale ranges from flawless (FL) to included (13). Diamond’s beauty id not affected by tiny and microscopic blemishes and inclusions. Those with the least flaws and inclusions receive the highest clarity rate. Well, it is the least important factor when choosing a diamond for the ring because the naked eye cannot see blemishes. You can compromise on clarity to get the biggest diamond for your buck. 

Carat of the Diamond

Size matters, it really does! From the women point of view, this is probably the most critical factor. Who doesn’t want a massive diamond in their ring? Majority of women want a big diamond mounted in their engagement rings.

Carat is most misunderstood C out of all 4 and denotes to a diamond’s weight, not its size. When shopping for a diamond must compare both the size and the cuts. A high-carat diamond with a poor cut may appear smallerthan a diamond with the lower carat weight and a better cut. If you are bound by your budget but wants the biggest rock, you can save on color and clarity.