A Guide to Choose Men’s Wallets


A lot of guys are talking about the Kinzd Slim Wallet for Men as though it’s the wallet of the future, but what makes this wallet so popular? The answer is down to two things: Functionality and Presentability. 

First, let’s talk about functionality. What is it and why does it matter? Basically, functionality is your wallet’s usefulness in any given situation. In short, it’s your wallet’s ability to hold your cash, IDs, business cards, credit cards and photos safely and securely. 

However, the ability to carry various items is not enough to make a wallet functional. After all, a wallet that’s too big or has too much capacity might as well be a small bag, which defeats the very idea of having a wallet in the first place. 

Wallets are not meant to hold discount cards, library cards, medical cards, receipts and even condoms. No one can stop you from putting these things into your wallet, of course, but a good wallet shouldn’t have to hold these things. So that’s an important point to remember about functional wallets. They need to be wallets, as opposed to miniature bags for holding IDs and money. 


As for presentability, a good wallet must have that aspect as well. This is another reason why Kinzd wallets have become famous. They are aesthetically pleasing. Not only do they work well as wallets, they are also well made enough that they can be used in any setting, 

A good wallet needs to look good at a vacation, at a business trip or at a family outing. They also need to be made from pleasing materials. In general, leather is considered classier than synthetic, though newer materials may also look good. 

Finally, size is also an important factor. Having a wallet that’s just the right size will help you impress people whenever you need to pay for something. 

Wallet Types – Choosing the Right Wallet for Your Needs

Now, having talked about the positive features of a wallet, it’s important to point out that there are several options to look out for. 

The Basic Bi-fold Wallet 

This type of wallet can be folded once or three times (tri-fold wallets). They are also the most common type of wallet on the market, and are usually made out of dark leather or a durable material. Despite their commonness, a lot of people still use bi-folds for their functionality and practicality. 

Sports Wallet 

Sports wallets prominently feature zippers and velcros, and are usually water resistant. They’re not the type of wallet that you can show off at the office or a board room, but they are practical and useful for rough and tumble situations. 

Travel Wallet

Travel wallets are large enough to carry passports and credit cards. They’re also look a bit like small purses, but despite their size, these wallets are often attractive and stylish, perfect for people who are always on the go. 

Money Clippers 

Some people think that money clippers are not wallets, but they can hold cash and IDs well enough. As their name suggests, these ‘wallets’ are clips that hold money and IDs in place. Some are also disposable for when you want to pay cash in style or store money outside your wallet. 

Super Slim Wallets

Finally, we have super slim wallets. These types of wallets are slim and attractive. They can only hold a certain amount of money, cards and IDs, but their attractive appearance makes them a good choice if you want to use a wallet that offers a great mix of aesthetics, functionality and good design.

They can fit in your front and back pocket, and are also a good choice for business occasions. And despite their slim appearance, they are large enough to accommodate two to three credit cards without ruining their appearance.


When you’re buying a new slick wallet, you only have two things to consider. The wallet’s functionality and its appearance. After all, your wallet is part of your wardrobe, but it must also be useful tool for storing money and various types of business and credit cards. 

Finding a good balance between these two aspects will allow you to find the right wallet. So go out there and find one that meets your needs.