A Guide to Choosing an Internet Plan


Internet users throughout Australia are trying to get a grasp on the new NBN plan that is slowly being put into place. NBN, which stands for the National Broadband Network, is a data network project that includes radio and wired connections. Internet service providers can pay for access to the NBN network in order to offer packages to their clients. The NBN plan is the largest infrastructure plan in the history of Australia and has left a lot of Australians wondering how to continue with paying for internet. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an internet plan in Australia.

1. Consider your main uses for the internet

NBN plans can be offered through countless different internet providers. Once these companies pay for access to the network, they can offer any services and packages they desire. While this leads to a host of different options, the variety can also make it more difficult for Australians to choose a service. In order to make the best choice, it is important to determine what you’ll be using the internet for. This will make it easier to select a plan based on speed, data allowance and other characteristics.

For example, moderate internet speed is enough for browsing websites or playing online games. However, a much faster internet with higher data allowance is needed to use streaming services and other applications that require a lot of connection. Without properly identifying personal internet needs, users can end up overpaying or with plans that don’t offer enough.


2. Count how many devices and people will be connected at once

A majority of NBN internet plans will be able to handle multiple devices and users at one time. The overall performance and speed at which these plans can deliver internet access will differ greatly. Before choosing an internet provider, it is important to know how many people and devices will be connected to your internet at one time. It is important to find an average number as the network must be able to handle that amount. If a family of four only uses the internet one at a time, then the network only has to handle one user. If an entire family is using the internet simultaneously then the requirements will be much higher.

A network with greater broadband will be able to provide fast internet access even when spread out amongst several users and devices. Data will also be a factor when multiple people are using the same NBN network. Greater data allowance is needed to handle a multi-user system.

3. Understand how location affects internet availability

Even as the largest infrastructure plan in Australia’s history, the National Broadband Network still has trouble offering internet access to remote areas of the country. In rural areas that aren’t heavily populated, there is less infrastructure that can be used to provide internet access. Those living in cities are going to pay less for internet access because the infrastructure is already there. Internet providers invest less money to bring internet access to these areas. A family in rural Australia could end up paying more for the same speed and data allowance because it will take longer for the signals to reach their home.

All internet users should consider their available options and how their location influences these prices. Satellite options are also available which can offer faster connection times. It is important to remember that internet plans in Melbourne will not be the same as plans in rural New South Wales. Prices, speed and data allowance will differ greatly.

Choosing an internet plan

The first step towards choosing the best internet plan is understanding the National Broadband Network system. This is a new infrastructure plan that will affect every Australian citizen who wants to use the internet. Understanding the inner-workings of this plan will help to inform all levels of this decision-making process. The second step is understanding what kind of needs must fulfil by this internet plan. With this understanding, you can begin searching for the best NBN plans that fit your personal needs. It is also important to read each contract carefully to ensure the deals are reasonable.