A Guide to Looking Flawless Using Minimal Makeup


Everyone wants to be able to achieve an almost no-makeup look while wearing a touch of veneer. This can be difficult, especially considering it seems like there are so many makeup products to use. How are you supposed to look like you’re not wearing any — or at least very little — makeup when you have so much at your disposal to cover, highlight and play down? Trying to look flawless and not cake a pound of product on your face can seem like a fool’s errand. It’s not.

What you do need to do is know how to use precious few products to give you a beautiful finish.

Here’s how you’re going to achieve this miracle of minimalism.

  1. Cleanse, First

That’s right! The first stage of achieving a flawless look with little cosmetics is going to involve making sure all your old makeup is off. You need to start with a clean slate. Get a quality cleanser made for your skin type, and follow the directions.

  1. Exfoliate

Nothing ruins an otherwise flawless face like patches of dead skin. To slough of these dead, dulling cells, exfoliate your face after cleansing. Again, be sure to use a product made for your skin type.

  1. Tone

I know, right? We’re not even at the cosmetic part yet! Next up, you’re going to use a skin toner to prep your skin for moisturising, and help even your tone and close up your pores. Smaller pores will make your skin appear more flawless, and you’re reading this article, so that’s got to be your end game.

  1. Moisturise

This is your final step before you get to your makeup: moisturise your face and neck. Hydrating your skin gives the minimal makeup you will be using a soft, supple surface on which to be applied. It will also help your skin look younger, and more rejuvenated.

Pro tip: if you’re under eyes are a problem area, then be sure your moisturising stage also includes a powerful under-eye treatment, like one of these under-eye treatments from Active Skin.

  1. Prime

Makeup primer is like paint primer: it helps the main coat stick better, for longer. If you’re not going to be using much makeup, you want to ensure what you do use stays put for the long-haul.

  1. 2-in-1

Now you’re going to apply a 2-in-1 powder and liquid foundation. This will give you the solid coverage of a foundation, while also providing you with the done-and-dusted appearance of a powder. Use all over your face, but apply sparingly along your cheekbones to let some of your natural, rosier tones shine through.

  1. Mascara

You’re almost done. Put on your mascara, working from the base of your lashes and moving out. Apply a coat on your lower lashes as well. Again, work from the base out.

  1. Lips

Here’s your last step: your mouth. Because you’re trying to use minimal cosmetics, it’s useful to keep the look low-maintenance by choosing a tinted lip balm. These are highly nourishing for your parched lips, but will give you a noticeable hint of colour too.

You’re done! Put these minimal makeup tips to use. Trust me, you’ll look beautiful.