A hidden gem in South East Asia the beautiful city of Bandung


Indonesia, a country to explore

Indonesia, the country of many different cultures and religions, with wide natural wonders and a vast of animals in the animal kingdom. With the country unique fruits and vegetables that you can only find in South East Asia. It’s an amazing country for singles and couples to travel and to have honeymoons.

To travel there and to see, you won’t have time to see everything even if you stay for a year. The country is packed with tourist attractions and unknown gems for you to discover and explore. You will feel like Indiana Jones and find those hidden treasures in Indonesia.

Bandung the hidden city in Indonesia

Bandung is located in Indonesia on the Java island in the West Java province. It’s the second-largest city in the country and remarkable by its modernity, history, different culture and religions. We have to mention it has a variety of geographical wonders and unique landscapes.

In the trendy city center, there is a vast of districts for business, commercial and boutique-lined streets with amazing dining spots and high ground for taking breathtaking photographs and romantic hot spots. It has dozens of big malls packed with stores, restaurants, and amazing arcade places for kids and youngsters. The city got the name ‘Paris of Java’ because it has shops with top quality fashion items and it’s favored by locals and visitors from across the world.

In the city boundaries

Just outside the city limits, you will find beautiful greenery with its hillsides covered with tea plantations and tropical trees, and unique plants. The city is based on fertile volcanic terrain and it gives the city unique flora and fauna. The hidden untouched waterfalls and hot spring are there to be discovered. Famous waterfalls that you can visit the Cinulang Waterfall, Curug Cimahi, or tea plantations Rankabali in Ciwidey, Malabar, or you can visit the famous Kawah Putih (White Crater) or the beautiful Patenggang Lake. And one of my favourites places Dago D’Pakar. There are so many more places that I will leave you to discover and enjoy nature.

Street food in Bandung

Bandung is famous for its Batagor and Siomay, savory, fried/steamed fish cakes served with spicy peanut sauce, but the city has more culinary delights you can taste. And when you’re enjoying Bandung, answer your curiosity on the native Sundanese culinary by trying their famous street foods. The Sundanese love their food spicy hot. Their most famous dishes are  bakso tahu, martabak, soto Bandung, lotek, mie kocok, mie ayam and nasi timbe.


Religion and culture

This city has a majority of Muslims but also has Catholicism and Buddhism and each of the religions has a remarkable number of mosques, temples, and churches. There are also religions that are very old and still practiced in this vicinity. This is a place where people live in harmony and try to respect each other’s beliefs.

The world is yours to explore

The world is an enormous place that has many places that have to be yet discovered. Each country has its own hidden treasure and wonders, cities like Bandung that are not very famous are the ones that will take your breath away. Feel free to dive into the unknown. The world is a challenge and adventure that are waiting for you to see and explore.