A key question at a job interview


If you are a manager looking for employees the following question is your chance to learn more about how does a candidate look at the things and responsibilities. On the other hand if you are a candidate who is looking for a job, this very question can make you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

How did you prepare yourself for this interview?”

The experts claim that this is the question that reveals the most about a potential candidate. To be more precise, this is the question that will make and find the difference between one candidate and another.


The candidate that is only looking for a job in order to go there, spend some hours and wait for his salary will not give you the answer that will satisfy your will. He will not share much important information. The practice shows that there are people who do not even prepare themselves for an interview. They do not learn anything about the company and the people they are applying to work with. They don’t show too much interest and eventually they don’t even care how the manager will interpret their answer.

On the other hand a candidate that shows interest and a great will to work for you will share details when he hears this question. This will show you how much and whether he really cares for that job position. The candidate who cares knows details about the company, just like about the employers. He doesn’t only know the location of the building and get satisfied with this information before the time of the interview. This shows how dedicated he is in fact. The more he knows the more he cares. The more time he spent in preparing himself before he meets you, the more important for him the job is. This fact speaks about his personality as well. It reveals whether he is a serious person who loves the job he is about to get. It speaks about his commitment and dedication.


That are the tricky questions that help the manager find the right candidate for the job he offers. Even though the majority of them appear to be easy and unimportant, they are meant to show your real character and behavior. The managers love asking even questions that has nothing to do with the job. The candidates easily get trapped in such questions. As they believe the answers do not count as decision-making ones, exactly that are the questions that make a candidate stand out from the rest of the group waiting in front of the door.

Therefore it is highly recommendable to prepare yourself very well before an interview, especially to read and learn more information about the company you apply for. It is of crucial importance to have something in your mind before you appear there and start thinking about the answer so the manager has to wait forever for your answer. A candidate worth the job position will find a quick answer to any question he get asked.