A Local’s Guide To Exploring Kuala Lumpur The Best Places to Eat, Shop and Explore


One of the most opulent cities in the world, Kuala Lumpur offers a distinctive fusion of modern architecture, urban living spaces with natural landscapes, historical buildings, and top-notch cuisines.

If you travel via a Singapore to KL bus and want to explore the city, keep reading. Here we will share everything you need to know about must-try foods, shopping centres, and must-visit places.

About Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, carries Malaysia’s soul and attracts numerous international tourists every year. The city offers a fantastic compilation of Indian, Chinese, Malay and Western cultures. And this blend reflects the city’s vibrant lifestyle, food and tradition. KL is located a remote distance from Singapore, and many people from SG travel to KL for work. And the Singapore to KL bus is the most used transportation to travel between these two cities. 

Best places to Eat in KL

So, if you are travelling to Kuala Lumpur, you must book your online bus tickets before you leave to explore. KL has a lot to offer, whether about food, natural landscape or luxury lifestyle. Kuala Lumpur is famous for its exotic cuisines and refined, ultra-luxurious dines. And here is a brief list of places you can eat in KL.

  • LOKL- Coffee CO

LOKL- Coffee CO is the best cafe in Kuala Lumpur you must try on your Singapore to KL bus trip. The cafe is famous for serving excellent branch picks with an Asian twist. You can enjoy a beautiful environment with delicious Thai omelette or smashed burgers. 

  • Jalan Alor Food Street

The Jalan Alor Food Street is also an exciting food strip in KL that you should always take advantage of. Here you can have world-class Malaysian cuisine at low-cost prices. The street offers multiple food outlets with lips-smaking dishes. 

  • Wong Ah Wah Roast Chicken Wings

The visit to KL is incomplete without tasting the smoky and sticky chicken wings from Wong Ah Wah Roast Chicken. The place offers the best-roasted chicken wings in the city. 

  • Bijan Bar and Restaurants 

Bijan Bar and Restaurants is one of the most well-liked locations in KL to eat top-notch Malay food. The location with the best atmosphere where you can savour some amazing Malay dishes and indulge in the special fusion of modern and traditional flavours.

  • Tamarind Hills and Tamarind Springs 

The Tamarind Hills and Tamarind Springs are also must-try restaurant outlets in KL. The place offers a serene atmosphere, lantern-lit steps, and world-class Burmese and Thai cuisines. Try the Signature river lobster in Tamarind Hill spicy sauce. 

Best places to shop in KL

Book your bus online ticket and prepare for a fantastic shopping experience on your KL trip. And here is a list of the top shopping places you must visit to explore Malaysian culture. 

  • Pasar Seni of Central Market -KL

Pasar Seni, or the Central Market of Kuala Lumpur, is one of the top places to shop for local and international tourists. You can find cultural artefacts, souvenirs, collectables, and low-cost vintage goodies here. 

  • Riuh in the city

Riuh in the city is famous for pop, showcasing independent labels and designs. You must follow their social media handle for a timely visit and get amazing deals. 

  • Batik Boutique

Batik Boutique is an independent boutique that trains and employs local women from low-earning backgrounds. The place displays fantastic shibori kimonos, batik hardware, fun tote bags and much more. 

Places to visit in KL

Kuala Lumpur is filled with numerous exciting places you can visit while travelling by Singapore to KL bus. Here are some of the tourist sites you can see on your KL visit. 

  • Twin towers

Petronas twin towers are one of the must-visit places in KL. And if you want to visit this place, book your online bus tickets beforehand, as the site allows a limited number of tourists daily. The towers are 452 meters tall and offer excellent views of KL City. 

  • Little India Brickfields 

Little India Brickfields is an exciting place in KL. It is a large residence for the local Indian community, and you can get a charming Indian sight in KL when you visit this Little India. 

  • Butterfly park

If you are a nature lover, then make sure to visit the park on your Singapore to KL bus trip. Here you can see 5000+ butterflies, flowers, ferns and an enormous insect museum.

  • Masjid Jamek

Masjid Jemek is the oldest mosque in KL, and you must book your online bus ticket beforehand to visit this place.


KL, or Kuala Lumpur, is the capital city of Malaysia that offers endless opportunities to explore this luxury city. And here, we have shared how you can explore and enjoy the city on your Singapore to KL bus trip.