A Look at Britain’s Most Expensive Homes


In the wake of the great recession and the emergence of the online estate agent, the ‘sell house fast’ mantra has become a staple of the property market, with the likes of Property Rescue spearheading this service in UK. This is not necessarily the case with high-end abodes, however, as was advertised by the recent example involving a famous Hyde Park mansion. While Rutland Gate may have finally received an anonymous bid in the region of a staggering £280 million, it has been idle for three years under the strain of a £300 million valuation.  

This set us thinking of the luxury property market in the UK, and what other British properties are available for such exalted sums. While nothing comes close to the renowned Rutland Gate, there are several that are worthy of a mention. These include: –

The Original One Hyde Park


As the original show home for One Hyde Park, this £68 million home has been decorated and finished to the highest standard. It occupies an entire floor in what is a prime West End development and offers stunning views over Hyde Park and the luxurious Kensington region. Those expecting a ridiculous number of rooms and spaces will be disappointed, as London prices mean that you only get five bedrooms and three receptions rooms for your investment. While these are superb, you may expect a little more for your money.

Hamilton Terrace


This double-fronted townhouse is located on the picturesque Hamilton Terrace, and arguably offers a little more value for savvy buyers. Valued at a princely £37 million, it has a beautiful gated driveway and immaculate stone steps that lead up to the front door. The lower ground floor is equipped with multiple rooms including a pool, gym and a steam room. There is also an entertainment centre, while a stunning master bedroom consumes all of the space available on the first floor!

Kingston Lisle Estate


This thousand acre estate has to be seen to be believed, as does the overwhelming price tag of £35 million. Located near the idyllic countryside of Wantage in rural Oxfordshire, it has numerous lake and parks to keep families interested, while a private 18-hole golf course will also ensure that Dad can escape from the trials of everyday life. This sporty house has a pool and tennis courts too, alongside 13 bedrooms and five reception rooms in which to relax in.