A Magical Trip To Prague


If you are about to make a decision where to travel next, we are going to lend you a hand. In this post we are taking you to A Magical Trip To Prague, Czech Republic, Europe. It has so many attractions that are worth to be seen. It’s a beautiful town with rich history, and the best beer in Europe. If you find yourself to be on that continent, then Prague is definitely worth of your time and your money. You can book tickets before hand so you can make your trip more enjoyable. Experience the culture and visit the traditional Czech evenings, medieval nights, pub crawls and beer tasting. It’s beautiful all year-round, and every season shows a different side of the town. You should have in mind that it’s the busiest during holidays like Christmas and Easter, and during the hot summer months.

Prague Castles

The castle in Prague is considered to be one of the biggest castles in the world. It’s 570 meters long and 130 meters wide. It’s a complex buildings that includes gardens, churches, alleyways and the royal residence. For more than thousands year it has been the seat of Czech emperors, kings and presidents. This place is what contributes to the fact that Prague is one of the most beautiful places ever.

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The Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is located in the heart of Prague. This place is going to charm you with the unique atmosphere. You can spot so many timeless buildings such as the Town Hall, the St.Nicholas Church, the Yun Cathedral and the many multicolored houses that are made in so many different styles. The Old Town Square has been a place for gathering to many people on the occasions of important events. Also the traditional Christmas markets take place here.

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Astronomical Clock

If you go to Prague you shouldn’t miss the old town’s astronomical clock. It has been there for more than 600 years and it offers the visitors a fascinating mechanical performance. It moves statues and it visuals the time like no other clock in the world. It amazes people and it’s considered as a world wonder. On every hour a small door opens and Christ marches out while the skeleton of death tolls the bell. You can also spot 12 medallions with all the signs of the zodiac. Get your camera and make sure you get there in time for the great performance.

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