A Minimalist Home For Busy People Can Save Time On Cleaning


Having a lot of things in your home is one of the biggest ways a home feels messy, with 55% of Americans saying that their home is less organized than they would like. Not only does having more things mean you have more to clean, but it also makes a home feel cluttered, smaller and untidy. If you find you’re struggling to keep on top of the housework because you’re balancing a job with family, while trying to maintain a social life with friends, then a minimalist approach could be what you need.


Tidy a little every day or two

If you follow a minimalist approach in your home, tidying up every day or two can be enough to avoid having to do a whole house clean up once a week on your precious time off from work. Having few things on the floor or on kitchen countertops make them easy and quick to clean. Spending just ten minutes a day cleaning something makes your home feel tidy all week, rather than spending a whole day cleaning for it to look a mess 24 hours later.

You just don’t like cleaning 

The average American spends 4 hours 21 minutes every week cleaning their home, which is precious time away from a hectic schedule that you want to spend on more enjoyable things. An easy solution is to consider hiring a cleaner to come in once a week, giving you a clean home without any effort on your part. However, you may be concerned about having a stranger come into your home; for this reason, look into ways to cover yourself. Some options include getting a maid insurance that will protect you from loss in the event of potential incidents involving your cleaner. But more importantly, you’ll soon get to know and trust your cleaner and you’ll appreciate their help.

Got kids? Make cleaning a game

If you have children it can be difficult to live a minimalist lifestyle, but it’s still possible. Think about the amount of toys children get for birthdays, Christmas and in general from family members that want to spoil them, and then think about how much of their stuff they actually play with. It’s a good idea to get your children to go through all their stuff with you a couple times a year and anything they haven’t played with in a while can be donated. When they play with toys and games and leave them across the floor, make it into a game of who can put the most things away in one minute. They should be able to put all their toys away within this time if this is done regularly and they don’t have excessive amount of toys, helping to keep your home tidy.

Adopting a minimalist approach to the way you style your home and choose to live can make household chores a lot less hassle. In fact, they won’t feel like chores so much anymore as they become small jobs that you do each day that take up little of your time, but keep your home looking clean, tidy and uncluttered, even for the busiest of people.