A Perfect Guide for a Perfect Dhow Cruise Dubai Experience


Behind the glamorous and outliving luxurious exterior of Dubai, lies the humble origin of the city being just a small fishing village. When people talk about Dubai as a remarkable example of man-made beauty, they often neglect the muse of its natural inspiration. It’s hard to believe, especially with all the advancements and high-risen constructions that now represents the majesty of the city Dubai, that it was nothing but a small desert village back in the days, supported by the insubstantial creek waters for fishing and trade businesses. To help the task, people use to build dhow, which later became an integral part of the Arab history. Traditionally, dhows are small wooden sailor boats that were used and designed initially by the fishing communities to travel between the streams of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. Later, these small boats became a symbol of luxury cruises. Dhow cruise Dubai is one of the most engaging tourist activity and there are a number of different options available for you to select and book accordingly. In this guide, we’ll be talking about some key points that should be clear in one’s mind while looking for a Dubai dhow cruise.

Where to Find Them

They are easy to be found in Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. Navigating along the flow of Dubai Creek you will feel the ancient history coming back to life with classical Souks and the cultural thrill of pearl diving. However, if you wish to visit the famous landmarks of Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, and many more, Dubai Marina is the right route for you to take. The two different routes offer two distinctive experiences and it will be a sin to choose one over another. Which is why, most of the tour and trip package are designed to cover both, Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina.

How it would be like, Riding One of them Cruise Ship

Let’s take this separately. If you plan to take a cruise trip in Dubai Creek, be prepared to witness the goodness of ancient history. The creek is covered on either side by its old neighborhoods, Bur Dubai and Deira. These two districts are the representation of sweet old Dubai. Rolex Twin Tower, National Bank of Dubai, and ever living hubs of Souks and gold will make your cruising hours, worthwhile.

Whereas, riding through the shores of Marina will let you have a taste of modern and developed Dubai. Your trip on Dhow cruise Dubai Marina will be filled with the sights of contemporary testaments like Palm Jumeirah, Burj ul-Arab, and hotel Atlantis. The shoreline of Dubai Marina will engulf you with the shimmers of new Dubai.

What to choose if you really have to choose

It’s pretty much clear that you have to take it down through both of the routes in order to get rid of the feeling of missing out. But when you’re running low on time or you have to be picky with your budget, there’s no way you can do both.

Making the process of decision a little easier for you to choose, here are the three basic traits for comparison.

Sight View:

Because Creek is the traditional, older part of the city, it also works its charm by highlighting a few important landmarks like the Dubai Municipality building or the Sheraton, on the Deira side. Whereas, the Bur Dubai side of the Creek will ensure the pleasure of traditional Souks, Heritage Village, and Bastakiya Quarter.  

However, Dubai Marina will present a fairly modern side of Dubai with over the top architectural details and advance constructions.  Also, lined with the walkway on both sides of the bank. You can see people having brunches, coffee, and lunches at roadside restaurants and cafes.  


When it comes to meeting the expectation that tourists have come with, in their minds, Dubai Marina is the better choice to go for. Marina is everything modern and offers some of the most valuable sights of skyscraper architectural buildings, ultimately giving you the ambiance feel of Dubai’s mystique charms. Where Creek, on the other hand, offers a regular routine feel with an overwhelming rush of commercial traffic.

Quality of Yachts

As far as the ships are concerned, Both the Marina cruise and the Creek cruise have modified their styles to glass walls of 360-degree, entertainment units, and lavish dining spaces. Molding it from basic to luxurious.

Day or Night, What Time to Choose?

You can either take Marina or Creek depending on your other preferences, but riding a cruising yacht for entertainment will only have two prior motives, luxury dining or sightseeing. It is best to avoid a boat trip on an extremely sunny day under all circumstances because Dubai’s heat could be unbearable for you at times. Especially if you’re coming from the western part of the world.

For sightseeing, you can have two completely different experiences based on what time you choose, day or moonlit night. So, if you’re all about that glamor and lights, the night will be a perfect time for you. But for the sake of amazing pictures and sunlit selfies, you have to pick an hour between mornings to the afternoon. And as far as fine dining is involved, brunch, lunch, hi-tea or dinner, choose your type and voila! Your time is sorted as well.

How much will this cost to you?

If we’re talking basic here, you can surely get a nice comfy cruise with all the necessary provisions and fairly appreciable trip quality in lesser bucks than the luxurious one, from anywhere. You can also get a cruise from 400 AED to 450 AED at a suitable bait with a varied range of rental dhow cruise options. But, if you want something luxurious and extravagant, the trip will likely cost you an amount of heavy transaction. However, such expensive yachts come with extra comfort and services like pick and drop from the hotel in Lamborghini.

This however, brings us to the end of our guide. We hope that these points will make selection easy and efficient for you. For further details and planning, you can visit any yacht rental services website or you could simply log on to mala.ae.