A Review of Moonpod – A Multipurpose Chair For Your Home


A bean bag is simple the ultimate relaxation tool. A beanbag is perhaps the best way to characterize the Moonpod. A beanbag for adults is perhaps the best way to characterize the Moonpod. Made from “responsive high-density” beads and covered by a two-fold outer layer, this 12 pound, 4 square foot kidney bean-shaped lounger is meant to be both supportive and transformative. Said to be akin to floatation therapy, the chair is purported to help reduce “stress, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and ADHD.”

The Moonpod can be used to sit, recline or lay flat. This makes it ideal for many activities, such a reading, working, watching TV and sleeping. The Moonpod chair maintains its form fairly well in whichever position you’re using it in. However, it’s fairly easy to fall from the upright position to the reclined position if you lean too far back. You are therefore required to sit fairly straight, which is beneficial for your neck and back but none too comfortable.

For relaxation purposes, the recline and lay-flat positions are fairly comfortable. There is a sensation of being held aloft but it’s hard to say that this sensation is “floating.” The sensation is more akin to being firmly supported, which is quite relaxing. It resembles the weighted blanket in that you feel enveloped, a property which can reduce emotional stress. It’s the feeling of being cocooned, which according to popular psychology, is effective at reducing anxiety.

The chair has a unique ability to mold to the shape of a person’s body. This enhances comfort and helps to relieve tension from the neck and back. It does, however, take a while to reform into its original shape which means if someone wants to use it after you, they have to wait or re-mold the pod themselves.

The design is awkward to move because of its weight and size. It’s also unappealing to look at and finding a place in the house to store it when not in use is difficult. It can work as extra seating for guests but because it’s lower than traditional furniture the person who sits on it often feels out of place.

Pets will also enjoy using it but be wary of their claws as they will most definitely puncture the outer layer. This won’t cause the beads to spill out but it will be unsightly. In the case of fur, dirt or other debris, the outer cover is machine washable. It is, however, difficult to get back on after washing, requiring at least two very patient persons to accomplish.

The Moonpod seems to trap body heat and after prolonged use, you may become uncomfortably warm. Like it’s brethren, the bean bag, the Moonpod can be difficult to get out of. The molding nature of the pod means that its difficult to get leverage to push yourself up and out. Instead, you’re required to rock back and forth to get enough momentum to go from sitting to standing.

It isn’t very wide, so some people may find they don’t have a lot of extra room for their elbows, (in the upright position), or to maneuver (in the lay-flat position). Furthermore, if you’re tall, you may find that your head hangs off the end, or else you lay your head on the pod but your legs are suspended off the other end. There is an additional accessory, called the Crescent that may assist with this.

The Moonpod retails for $399, which is a hefty price tag when compared to the traditional beanbag and traditional lounge chairs. The price tag is difficult to understand when you consider that most recliners perform many of the same functions as the Moonpod. The difference between a traditional recliner and a Moonpod is the Moonpod’s relaxation components that are said to decrease stress and anxiety. As long as you’re okay with it being at odds aesthetically with the rest of your furniture, the Moonpod chair is a good investment if you suffer from stress and/or anxiety.

In general, this Moonpod review concludes that the product is for you if you need something to comfort you psychologically and require a piece of furniture that can also function as a recliner and a bed. If this is the case then this is a worthy investment.

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