A Tree In The Living Room? I Didn’t Understand Until I Saw The Outside Of This Magical Home.


Most of us live in ordinary apartments or houses, but some are blessed to live in an extraordinary or unusual living structures, that are a built from the most creative human beings all over the world. We have seen houses that have planes or helicopters on the top to houses built in the middle of the sea. Have you seen the Mushroom house located in Powdermills Park, Rochester, NY? If not, stay tuned to see its glory.

It was originally inspired by Queen Anne’s Lace and it was built in the early 70s by three architects and six artist. Although it is a plant with small white flowers, the visitors that come to see it says that it is more similar to some kind of fungus, as it is brown.  Take a look at this one-of-a kind house, that will take you into a fantasy land and decide what it looks like: a mushroom or a plant.



The Mushroom House has 4 pods, from which, one serves as a living and dining room together, one as a kitchen and two are for sleeping. Actually, it features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. There is also an additional 1/2 pod that provides an open deck area. We should not forget the meditation pond which is completed with a running waterfall. If you want to see it now, scroll down to the last photo of this amazing gallery.


Pod #1 is where the kitchen and family room reside. The room below is called The Great Room and it is the center of the Mushroom House and features one more kitchen and a living room.


Pod #2 features another living room and a dining room. In this pod you can see a tree holding up the roof, fountain that makes a perfect ambiance and a magnificent built in seating area.


In this house you can found a full kitchen with a wide open view to the woods.


In this spacious living room, there is one more tree holding up the ceiling. The wood burning stove and the spic sofa make the room look fascinating.


Do you like the luxurious bedroom suite below? This is the pod #4.



The pod #3 is a master bathroom. I like this luxury bathtub.




The “Time Tunnel” is inspired by Antoni Gaudi. The walls in this Mushroom House are specifically textured with colorful glass.



This house also features an amazing hot tub.



This unusual home features organic patterning and luxury appliances. It also offers you a breath-taking view to Powder Mills Park. We have seen it many time on TV, magazines and books, due to its unique appearance.

In 1989, the Mushroom House was designated a town landmark.