Absolutely Amazing


The world is such  a beautiful place, and is worth exploring every angle of it. They are so many absolutely amazing places in the world that should be seen. Those who love to explore the world and the wonders of  Nature are definitely the richest people and I am not talking about money for sure. They have the chance to see all the beautiful things that Nature offers to each one of us. And also to experience different cultures and learn some new things.

Below you will see some pictures that will show you some absolutely amazing places around the world. And they are not an artificial creations by men, but wonders created by Nature, like canyons, valleys, waterfalls, forests etc. Enjoy!

Rainforest Canyon in Oneonta Gorge, Oregon, United States

Moon Bridge, Hunan, China

Keukenhof Gardens Lisse, Netherlands

The Milky Way, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA

Death Valley, Nevada

Autumn Forest, Saxony, Germany

Deep ledder in a Waterfall, Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon USA

Ancient Bridge, Kolpino City, Russia

Watkins Glen State Park, New York

Seychelles Islands


The Turquoise Paradise in Bali, Indonesia

Beautiful Beach near the Town of Furore in the Coast of Amalfi, Italy

Waterfall, Sivas Province, Turkey

Snow Peaks, Cerro Torre, Argentina