Absolutely Awesome IKEA Hacks For An Organized Bathroom


IKEA, the well-known Swedish furniture company have something to offer for everyone’s needs and taste. They design and sell furniture and accessories, most of which are ready-to-assemble, all of them found at affordable prices. The best feature of IKEA’s designs is their simplicity which makes them hackable into an array of many other things. Today, we are bringing to you several Absolutely Awesome IKEA Hacks For An Organized Bathroom that may help you keep your bathroom neat and organized. Check them out and choose which one of these ideas you would steal.

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A Wall Mounted IKEA Containers For Makeup Storage

When you attach several of these pod-like containers  to the wall, you will get compartments for storing all of your beauty products and tools. This will serve as a wall-mounted vanity and will save you some space too.

ikea makeup storage
Photo via: bydawnnicole.com

DIY Hanging Makeup Storage

Another way to store you makeup is by placing them in separate cutlery caddies that you can hang on the wall.

Photo via: glamour.com

Use A Shoe Cabinet As A TP Holder

The shoe cabinet which is meant for the closet, can be placed in the bathroom for storing the toilet paper rolls.

Photo via: decoratingyoursmallspace.com

Create A Sink With Storage

This sink with a storage is perfect for small bathrooms. The vanity is actually a lacquered IKEA dresser, while the sink is made of stainless salad bowl.

create a sink with storage
Full tutorial: berger-porta.blogspot.hu

IKEA Bathroom Vanity Update

Update a boring bathroom vanity by painting it with green paint and thus make the piece of furniture look more unique.

Full tutorial: thegoldensycamore.com

IKEA Raskog Hack: DIY Rolling Vanity

The IKEA Raskog cart can be used in every part of your home, for storing all kind of stuff. If you choose to add some in the bathroom turn it into a rolling vanity for storing all of your beauty products.

Photo via: polkadotchair.com

Turn A BEKVAM Spice Rack Into A Toilet Paper Holder

Just like the Raskog cart, there are many possible ways to re-purpose IKEA’S BEKVAM spice rack. Add some leather straps that hold a small wooden bar, and the rack becomes a toilet paper holder with shelf on top for air fresheners.

Bekvam spice rack into a toilet roll holder
Photo via: ikeahackers.net

BEKVAM Spice Racks To Store Your Beauty Products

Another way to store your beauty products can be by attaching to the wall several BEKVAM spice racks.

spice rack
Photo via: apartmenttherapy.com

Turn An Ikea Vurm Wine Rack Into A Towel Rack

The IKEA Vurm wine rack can be used for storing the wine bottles in the kitchen, or you can choose to place this rack into the bathroom and use it as a towel rack.

Photo via: zieak.com

IKEA Ladder Shelf As A Bathroom Towel And Storage Rack

Or if the Vurm wine rack is not big enough for storing the towels, you can use an IKEA ladder shelf. Place it next to the sink to have the towels at hand.

Photo via: hammersandhighheels.blogspot.com

IKEA’S Bygel System For Wall Storage

This is also another great IKEA design that you can get for storing your stuff in the bathroom.

Photo via: theelmlife.com

Magnetic Containers to Store Bobby Pins And Hair Ties

And of course, don’t forget to get several magnetic containers the next time you head to IKEA, because you will need for storing tiny stuff, like bobby pins and hair ties.

Photo via: secretocotidiano.com

These were the IKEA hacks that we have chosen for you today and we hope that you will find them useful for keeping your bathroom organized. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with us to find many other hacks for organizing your home.