Accident Prone: Most Common Locations Where Car Accidents Occur


Cars are most people’s primary mode of transportation. We use our vehicles every day to get to work, to run errands, and to go on vacations but if you’re a “seasoned” driver, then you’ve been driving long enough to know that there are certain areas where accidents are always going to happen. These accidents range from small bumper taps to serious, and sometimes fatal, but regardless of the type of accident that occurs, why do you think these accidents happen as often as they do?

Is it because of distracted driving or drowsy driving? Maybe it’s because there are new drivers on the road who haven’t quite mastered the rules of the road… the point is, car accidents can happen for a multitude of reasons. Did you know that in 2017, one person died every 48 minutes in a drunk driving accident in the US? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that and those accidents resulted in 10,874 fatalities.


Close to Home

Causes of car accidents were discussed above. The common causes are, of course, drowsy driving, drunk driving, and distracted driving, etc but did you know that one of the major reasons why people get into car accidents is simply because of where they are at a certain time? These accidents are kind of unfair because you could be following all the rules of the road (driving the speed limit, making full and complete stops, and using your blinkers, etc) but just because of where you are, there’s a high chance you’re going to get into an accident.

Yes, there’s no fool-proof way to avoid car accidents, even if you’re the safest driver… it’s the other drivers that you have to look out for. In fact, according to esurance, most accidents occur very close to home and it’s usually within 25 miles of home… so close but yet so far! But even being so close to home, there are still certain locations where you’re more prone to get into car accidents. Take a look at the most common locations where most car accidents occur.


Intersections are one of the top locations where accidents can occur, especially at four-way intersections regulated with stop signs. These types of intersections are where most accidents occur for two major reasons. For one, intersections regulated with stop signs force drivers to operate on a “first-come, first-drive” rule. Secondly, lots of cars don’t do full and complete stops at stop signs… this act is also known as the “California roll” and it’s not something that’s only found in California… people do the California roll all over the world… it’s contributed to lots of car accidents too. If you’re in Memphis, for instance, the intersection of Poplar Avenue and Ridgeway Road have four accidents every week. Officials are conducting studies to see what the real problem is and how to correct it. 

Because accidents are so prevalent, it’s important to make sure that you’re protected in the event of an accident. If you do get involved in a car accident, whether it’s a small fender-bender or an accident with serious injuries at the infamous Poplar Ave and Ridgeway Rd, get in contact with a local car accident lawyer to handle your case from the legal side of things.


The whole purpose of stoplights is to prevent accidents from happening but they seem to be the very thing that causes them, ironically. The accidents that typically happen at stoplights are rear-end collisions. They happen when a car is already stopped at the stoplight and the car approaching them doesn’t hit their brakes quick enough and ends up running into the car in front of them. 

This is a dangerous location because the fact that rear-end collisions typically happen here, that means that there is the potential for rear-end chain reactions. As the driver of a motor vehicle, you HAVE to pay attention to not only who’s in front of you but also who’s behind you and beside you.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are the easiest locations to get into small accidents. The thing about parking lots is that they’re always so busy… you not only have to be watchful of other drivers but you also have to look out for people walking to and from their cars. People will be walking to the store, walking back to their car, walking and texting, and returning grocery baskets… as a driver, you have to keep your eyes open for cars and drivers in parking lots, especially the distracted walkers who can’t take their head away from their phones for a few seconds to safely get into the store.

Parking lots may not be the exact location for high-speed chases and wrecks but small accidents can be life-changing and oftentimes financially unnecessary had you paid a little more attention to your surroundings.