How to Add Life to Your Wooden Dining Table?


Wood is one of the most common materials used for making furniture. It has been accepted globally for its durability, strength, and adaptability to all decors. Wooden furniture can be used with both traditional as well as modern interiors due to its natural color and texture. Wood is used to make everything from corner table to dining table, because of its versatile nature.

While this material gifted by nature is durable and has long life that helps it stay for ages, it is equally important to take proper care of this material as it will get damaged by certain extreme conditions. All furniture pieces made from wood may require proper care for longer life but special care would be required for wooden dining tables as they are more susceptible to wear and tear due to frequent contact with hot or cold substances as well as liquids. It is also exposed to oil, spice, and various foods that leave tough stains on the surface or deep in the surface too.


Tips to care for wooden dining table

Caring for furniture is mandatory if you want it to last long with the same sheen and luster. This will also save your money from being spent on repairs or buying the new one.

Environmental Effects – Wooden furniture would get easily damaged due to environmental effects. The effect of heat, snow, rain, sun, and wind would take away the luster from the furniture and also make the wooden surface crack because of dryness. Extreme humidity may not be good for wood but you can maintain the humidity level of about 40% in order to keep the wood in the right shape. Very low humidity levels would make the wood crack while very high humidity levels would make it swell. Hence, keep it away from direct sunlight, fireplace, or radiator. If the weather is dry then use the humidifier to increase the humidity levels.

Surface Maintenance – Surface of the dining table undergoes maximum wear and tear as everything like pots, plats, pans, and glasses are placed here. It may also come in direct contact with very hot or cold food and utensils. To avoid this, you can cover the table with transparent tablecloth or put a transparent or stained glass on the top. If you wish to flaunt the original surface finish of the table then using the hot pads, table runners, and coasters would be a great idea.

Cleaning Instructions – Dry dust would settle on the surface and in the grooves if not removed before it gets stubborn. Dust the table with dry cloth. This will remove all the dust particles settled on the surface. After the removal of superficial dirt and dust, you can use mild soap and water to remove hard stains. Wipe the table gently with mild soap solution first and then use the dry cloth to remove excess water. Dusting can be done on weekly basis while wet cleaning can be made fortnightly regime. Polishing the surface with carnauba wax would keep the luster of the wood intact.

Quick-Fix Tips – Regular care would prevent the dining table from any permanent damage. Wipe the surface immediately after any food or drink spillage. Placing the cup or glass on the surface may form water marks or rings that would be difficult to remove. Applying mayonnaise on the rings may help. In case of scratches, use the matching crayon to fill up the scratch and then apply polish.

Wooden dining table will stay there for generations without any major wear and tear but you need to take above mentioned precautions and care to make it shine like new forever.

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