Adding a Touch of French Luxury to Your Master Bedroom


Are you considering updating your master bedroom? Well, if you need a little bit of direction, why not consider adding a touch of ‘French luxury’? It’s a popular décor scheme due to the fact it’s sophisticated, grown up and classic, and it also tends to meet the design requirements of both men and women too. So, there’ll be no need to argue over colours and styles! Here’s everything you need to know about ‘French luxury’, and a handful of styling recommendations you can implement in you master bedroom…

What is ‘French luxury’?

French luxury takes the best of traditional French interior design – ‘undone-ness’ – and injects it with a little bit of glamour. If you strip it back to its simplest form, French luxury is all about under-styling (there’s always an element of ‘undone-ness’ such as chipped paint on a skirting board or a creased bed sheet), combined with lavishness or luxury. For instance, think of silk curtains puddling the floor, a velvet armchair in the corner of the room (with a shirt casually folded over the back of it, perhaps), a giant gilded mirror or a chandelier dripping with glass.

Add a luxurious bed

For the ultimate dose of French luxury, invest in a good quality bed that you’re going to love to sleep in. Divan Beds Centre has a good range of beds that focus on comfort, and you’ll find that the styles on offer fit into your French Luxury scheme once you’ve dressed the bed with luxurious fabrics and sumptuous pillows. Don’t bother ironing the bed sheets (to achieve that perfect ‘undone’ look), but do arrange cushions dressed in luxurious fabrics, such as crushed velvet, silk, contrasted with cushion covers made from brushed linen and a simple cotton throw.

Include a free-standing wardrobe

If you really want to nail this look, don’t opt for a built-in wardrobe. Instead, traditional French interior design favours high quality freestanding pieces. Scour flea markets or look online for an antique armoire, or, go modern by installing a metal hanging rod – particularly if you have fashionable outfits to display inspired by stylish Parisian dressers.

Find room for a chaise longue

A ‘chaise longue’ is the perfect lazy long chair to sprawl out on, read a book from or take a nap on. If you have space in your master bedroom, consider adding one in a simple design, choosing the one that mirrors an accent colour in your room. Position the chaise longue under a window so you can recline in natural sunlight in the late afternoon – it doesn’t get more luxurious than that!

Restrain your colour palette

Finally, like any other country, French interiors have been every hue under the sun at some point. But, the sophistication and refinement we often associate with French interior design (particularly Parisian apartments) calls for greys, linens, whites and blacks. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a pop of colour… just look at what the most stylish French dressers wear with a pop of red lipstick and casual, natural hair! Apply those same principles of combining ‘undone-ness’ with luxury when thinking about the décor in your master bedroom, and you’ll be sure to achieve the epitome of ‘French luxury’ in your home.