Adorable DIY Lamp Shade Projects That Will Refresh The Look Of Your Old Lamp


Every once in a while we need at least a small change in our home decor, and we often found ourselves rearranging the furniture, or making some DIY project which upgrade the look of it. The Adorable DIY Lamp Shade Projects That Will Refresh The Look Of Your Old Lamp are a must for you, because you won’t be able to recognize your old lamp. Make one of these, and it will be like you have bought a brand new lamp. I bet that even your visitors will ask you where you have got it from! The DIY crafts are not complicated at all, and you will be able to make them in no time and with ease. Are you in the mood for a DIY project? If you are feeling crafty, check out the photos below and see which of the looks you want to recreate! The designs are truly endless and will meet everyone’s style and taste!


lampshade 6
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This is a lovely design which will bring a sense of refreshment in your home. It’s a great way to bring the outdoors indoors, so get some twigs and get down to work!

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Have you ever thought that the plastic spoons can look so much elegant and sophisticated when used as a lamp shade cover? Give them a chance to shine!

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Even the ribbons can make your home look different, so if you are looking for an easy way to refresh your old lamp, this is the perfect DIY project for you.

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Winter is far behind us but you are probably left with some yarn. Put it to a good use and change the way your lamp looks like.

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Recycle your old sweater by turning it into an amazing lamp shade. It’s not a difficult DIY project, so give it a try!
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DIY Sisal Shade_thumb_thumb[2]
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I really like the feathered lamp shade because it’s so unique and extraordinary. What about you?

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The old map can make the old lamp look like new. Save yourselves some money and instead of going to the store to get a new lamp refresh the look of your old one with these awesome DIY projects.

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Get some paper and get down to work to make flowers which will later find their place on the lamp shade. It’s a cute design that is one of my favorites. How do you like it?

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We are all looking for creative ways to display our family photos and here I have got a great idea for you. Stick the photos to the lamp shade and see how everyone is going to notice them immediately!

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Are you going to upgrade the look of your old lamp? Have you picked your next DIY project? Feel free to post your final result in the comments below because I’m so curious to get to know how did it go!