The Advantages of Going on a Mediterranean Winter Cruise


Even though cruising through the Mediterranean in winter might not seem like the usual way to visit the area, there are some huge advantages to doing things this way.

With a number of companies, including Bolsover Cruise Club, offering deals to various locations in the Mediterranean, now might be the time to break free from the norm and book a winter cruise with a difference.

Here are just some of the benefits of doing so:  

Less Crowded

One of the biggest benefits to visiting the Med out of season is there are fewer people. When you venture to Europe in the summer months (from July to August), you’ll find everyone else has flocked there in their masses too – especially if a few large cruise ships have docked in Venice or Dubrovnik at the same time.

Presented with crowded squares, endless queues to see the sights, packed shops and restaurants and the inability to see the destination in all its glory, the hustle and bustle of touristy cities can be a major downside to summer cruises.

Go out of season, though, and you may find you’ve got the place to yourself. Not only will you be free to tour around the city in your own time and without people invading your personal space, but you’ll also be waited on hand and foot by keen restauranteurs who are eager for your business.


As cruise liners look to fill their ships during off-peak seasons, prices can drop dramatically. Equally, you may find some of the restaurants in the ports have reduced their prices to attract the fewer holidaymakers that venture there. Entrance fees may also be removed from some of the local attractions, and market stalls could be up for a bit more bargaining than usual.

Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are a huge attraction throughout Europe and whether you head north or south you’re sure to stumble across one or two. Starting at the end of November and running through to the New Year, these are a wonderfully festive way to enjoy your holiday – although unseasonal warm weather may sometimes take the Christmassy edge off, but you can’t have it all, can you?

Add these advantages to the fact you’ll get a more personalised service because there are fewer people to serve and the fact there’ll be more peace and tranquillity on-board (unless you travel through Christmas and New Year there won’t be as many children on cruise ships), and it’s not hard to see why many are opting for a winter cruise in Europe.