Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads Passive Income: A 7-Point Step Guide For Beginners


If you want to earn even while just browsing on Facebook, you have to familiarize yourself with affiliate marketing. An important key to remember about affiliate marketing is lead generation. For a newcomer, learning the basics of affiliate marketing and lead generation is a must. There are many websites and articles you can learn from, such as those found on and other online business coaching websites. So, what is affiliate marketing and why is Facebook even relevant to this?


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

By definition, affiliate marketing is a marketing approach or strategy where a business or seller partners with an external party to feature their products and services in exchange for a commission on transactions done through referrals. So, you as an online business entrepreneur can earn by driving more traffic into a retailer or client’s website. You can either do this by placing a link or an ad banner on your blog, website, social media page, or account. What you should be focusing on is social media.

Why Social Media?

Affiliate marketing capitalizes on leads, and social media is just the right place to find many potential leads. It’s a no brainer that Facebook takes the top spot over the rest of other social media platforms in terms of the number of subscribers. Plus, it is quite evident that Facebook understands the impact it has made in terms of online advertising and marketing that it even launched its own business page known as Marketplace. This only means that affiliate marketing has a high chance of success on Facebook.


How To Start Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

Don’t act as a sales associate – This may be quite a shocker, but it is logical. True, every post you make can be made into affiliate marketing material. However, your Facebook friends and followers may not appreciate you trying to sell them something constantly. They can just simply go to FB’s marketplace for that. Besides, if FB administrators notice or receive reports of your obvious advert posts that drive users outside of the site, you could get in trouble and end up getting banned.

You still have to “sell” somehow to earn your profit but do your best not to sound very promotional. Rather, come up with engaging and relevant topics to share and add in your links as seamlessly as possible. Not only do you get to add to the quality of Facebook’s user experience, but you also successfully earn your commission.

  1. Build your website – Redirecting users to your content is a default when doing affiliate marketing. But you also have to comply with Facebook’s policies. A solution for this is having your website act as a landing page. This could also include your blog. You can focus on content and not just directly selling products.
  2. Make your posts interesting – Posts flood through the newsfeed every minute, which makes it more challenging to catch the attention of potential leads. To drive more attention into your posts, use juicy headlines and, most importantly, use catchy and colorful images that appeal to the eyes.
  3. Choose a niche – Being super specific on your target market is extremely helpful when you’re still starting in affiliate marketing. Consider your target consumer population and create a page based on this. If you’re a blogger, you can write blog posts on this specific niche and share it on your page as well.
  4. Boost popular posts – Not all of your posts will garner enough likes, views, and clicks, but every once in a while, there will be a few that makes the cut and continues to attract more leads. Facebook has a feature for pages that monitors the performance of posts in terms of likes and views. When a post is doing very well, Facebook could offer a boost that comes with pay. If you see that post’s potential, don’t hesitate to give it a boost.
  5. Make use of Facebook ads – You can also be straightforward and use Facebook’s built-in ads slots. You’ll be required to pay for this one, but your ads will be shown directly to all Facebook subscribers. This increases the probability of clicks, which means more income for you.
  6. Set a budget – Like any kind of business venture, working on your online business through Facebook affiliate marketing will require a certain amount of money. You wouldn’t want to end up penniless without seeing any returns. So, be wise on your spending and set a budget limit on whatever you have to pay for a campaign and ads.

Earning a steady passive income on the internet is possible when you know how to maximize the use of affiliate marketing. These tips can be your stepping stone in converting idle time into money. You could be scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed every day without knowing that each minute you spend has the potential of generating an income.