After an Accident: Your Guide to Auto Body Repair


The importance of practicing road safety cannot be stressed enough. Following the basic rules and regulations of the roads such as driving within the speed limit, obeying the traffic signs, and driving cautiously, will not only decrease the chances of getting into an accident and sustaining injuries but also help you protect yourself from costly car repairs afterward.

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, causing serious damage to your vehicle. Depending on the severity of these damages, your car may still have a chance to be repaired and driven again. In this case, you will have to look for a reputable auto repair shop to help get your ride back in its working condition.

To get you started, here is our ultimate guide to getting your car repaired after an accident.

Choose a reputable auto repair shop

Choosing a reputable auto repair shop is essential to ensure high-quality collision repair. You want to look for a shop that has a strong reputation and offers a guarantee that your car will be fixed accordingly and properly. While your insurance company may give you their recommendations for auto repair shops, you can also choose one on your own where you want to have your car fixed.

Start by shopping for an auto repair shop close by so you can visit the workshop during your repairs and follow their progress. For instance, if you live in Edmonton, Alberta, search for the nearest auto shops for collision repair in Edmonton AB where you can take your ride for a professional repair and clean-up.

Also, don’t forget to ask about their certifications and read online reviews to get an insight into their work credibility.

Get an insurance adjuster to evaluate the damages

Besides taking the basic steps of getting to safety and calling the police after being involved in an accident, you should also remember to get an insurance adjuster to come to evaluate the damages on your car. This person is a professional who works for an insurance company and whose main job is to review car damages that resulted in the accident.

Based on their evaluation, the adjuster will determine whether the car is completely totaled or fixable as well as estimate the overall cost of repairs. If they declare the car totaled, it will be marked off as a salvage, meaning the cost to repair the damages is too high relative to the value of the car.

However, if the adjuster declares the car can be repaired, then you can take the next steps toward the repair.

Get collision repair estimates

In order to move forward with fixing your vehicle, you and your insurance company will have to break down the cost of the repairs. In many situations, people choose to go straight to the repair shop to get an estimate in which case your insurer may accept that figure. 

Otherwise, they may want to do the assessment themselves even before you go to a repair shop. The insurer may even meet the shop manager to determine the repairs that need to be done.

In general, you only need to get one estimate. However, it is advised that you get multiple estimates from different auto repair shops to check their price differences and the quality of service they provide. Use caution when comparing estimates because the lowest price doesn’t always mean you will get the highest quality repairs. 

Collaborate with the repair shop and your insurance company

After you have chosen your auto repair shop, you will most likely be asked to sign a work order from the shop which authorizes them to work on your ride. It is important that you look through the document carefully to ensure that it includes everything listed in your estimate. If any additional repairs or pricing adjustments are missing, make sure they are detailed in the document.

Before any work is done on your car, remember to talk with your insurance company because they should also cover a portion of the repairs bill based on your coverage plan. If the mechanic tells you additional work needs to be done, make sure you understand how the extra repairs will be covered by your insurer.

Photo by Laurel and Michael Evans from Unsplash

Final thoughts

Although car accidents can be traumatic experiences for people, it is still important to take your time to treat your ride with care afterward. Do your research to find the best auto repair shop near you so you can get your vehicle fixed and out on the road again. For more information, refer to our post and learn about the auto repair process after being involved in a collision.