Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips you must follow During Monsoon


Do you know how to maintain your Air conditioner? Did you know that you are supposed to? The good news is you can maintain your air conditioner yourself as it is super easy and here we have some tips for you to maintain your Air conditioner yourself during the monsoon that helps keep your Air conditioner running smoothly, efficiently and longer.

  1. Uncover the Air conditioner unit – Many people might think that covering Air conditioner with a wrap or cover will protect it from dust or rain and it is good for the season when you are not using it. But by covering your AC unit, you invite the insects, intruders like wasps and bees to make their home when they are looking out for shelter. So, when you are using the air conditioner, don’t forget to uncover it.
  2. Clear debris around the unit – Before monsoon arrives, make your you clean all the surroundings near your air conditioner like grass, bushes or some old waste materials which can affect the air conditioner unit during monsoon as when it rains, the dust gets inside the condenser, so you need to clear it before that happens.
  3. Rinse condenser coils – You need to rinse the condenser coils of your air conditioner to clean the debris with a hose after shutting the power of your unit as the condenser coils play a vital role by removing the room heat and cooling the air. You can call a professional from service center  to get the cleaning done before shutting your AC.
  4. Visual Inspection – An overall visual inspection is a must for air conditioner maintenance. Check all the electric connections and make sure there is no exposure to the wires which can produce current in the monsoon season. If the wires are exposed, make sure you fix them before using your air conditioner during monsoon.
  5. Clean the filters – Check the filters and clean it using a brush and make sure to place the filters in the direction where the air is flowing. It is advisable to check and clean the filters once a month.
  6. Check the drain line – Put some water to check the drain line and make sure it is not clogged to keep the air conditioner function maintained.
  7. Schedule Annual tune-up – In the user manual, it is written that you should get your air conditioner serviced every year. So, the last tip is that schedule an annual air conditioner check every year. So, make sure you get it serviced before the monsoon.

Follow these 7 Air conditioner maintenance tips that include inside the unit, outside unit and thermostat for longer and accurate the functioning of the split air conditioner. Additionally, keep a check for the warning signs like smell, or dirt particles from the unit to ensure 100% safety and proper functioning of the air conditioner unit during monsoon.