Alberto Mordoki Reviews Recent Trends in Home Improvement and Design


Last year, many people were re-acquainted with their home living spaces, perhaps even moreso than before, as the COVID-19 pandemic brought their school, gym, and workspace into an all-in-one remote package. Home renovation brainstorming has taken off and, with 36.2 million Americans expected to be working remotely by 2025, it might be time to consider how you can spruce up and improve your place. 

Alberto Mordoki, a contractor and entrepreneur From Fullerton, California, who runs his own construction company, outlines some of the major home improvement and design trends that are gaining traction. 


Upgrading the Workspace

As more people are confined to work from home, there will be a bump in the demand for workspace renovation, according to Alberto Mordoki. A bedroom or extra space can be modified into an office, while home-office structures will also be constructed if there is empty land available. All aspects of the space, such as colors, decorations, location, air quality, and furniture will be discussed at length by homeowners because of their impact on one’s mental and physical state. Workspace will be expected to maximize enthusiasm, focus, and overall productivity. 

A Kitchen Makeover

In addition to many people now working remotely, more people are cooking meals at home instead of going out to restaurants. A greater emphasis has been placed on kitchens, both in their functionality and visual stimulation. People who never cooked before want to experiment in the kitchen, have the luxury of excess storage space, and have a kitchen that is visually appealing with pristine, sparkling countertops and the newest appliances. Expect a great number of people to install new pantries as well, since kitchen storage is now viewed as a must-have commodity in the home set-up. 

Alberto Mordoki on Soundproofing and Separation

Privacy, whether it is for work or leisure, is a priority for homeowners in today’s living circumstances. To achieve this necessity, people are adding soundproofing details and closing off open floorplans, attempting to create a room that offers more seclusion. These extra private rooms can be developed in various manners, like transforming a massive walk-in closet, utilizing an attic, finishing a basement, or separating one larger room into two. 

All for the Outdoors

The pandemic has led to many homeowners to take on DIY projects that they have previously been putting off, like installing or redoing the deck, says Alberto Mordoki. In fact, the pandemic has led to a nationwide shortage of lumber, putting a strain on the construction industry. Keeping in mind that many people are working at home, thus taking away time commuting, homeowners have more of an opportunity to get fresh air. And since throughout the pandemic many people have been told not to leave their homes, what better place to do that than their own backyard?

A Bathroom Sanctuary

Bathrooms will also receive a lot of attention from homeowners in the coming years in terms of renovations, says Alberto Mordoki. A 2020 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study claimed that 41% of homeowners who renovated a master bathroom used the room as a place to rest and relax. You can crank up the alterations with steam showers or spacious tubs or go smaller with aromatherapy shower heads and bathtub fillers that can hold a beverage.