We use them every day and in most cases many times a day. Why? Because they’re literally everywhere! But let me explain myself. They can be found on doors, kitchen cupboards, fridges and even on bedside tables. Why do need them though in the first place? But of course to open them and pass through or close them and keep safe, warm, cool or at least feel a little bit of privacy. The truth is that we don’t really care about them until they broke down and aren’t functional anymore. But they aren’t all the same as they are made of different materials and they appear on the market in various shapes and styles.


Let’s see then what sorts of stuff they are constructed of. They may be of glass and of course plastic-but not only that. They might be of aluminum, stainless steel or even wood. 

The ones made of metal last longer, but of course it depends on the specific metal applied. For example, stainless steel can be in brand-new condition even if thirty or forty years have passed. It offers a pretty industrial yet timeless style. Besides, since the aforementioned material is grey in terms of coloring, it can suit most spaces with ease. When it comes to glass, we come across the quintessence of superfluity and elegance. It brings about an effortless palace-style mood and of course it’s rather pricey. Nevertheless, it’s not its main drawback. The real problem is that it can crack quite easily unless handled with genuine care and attention. So, it’s very fragile and it’s only preferred nowadays on inner or more protected parts of handles.

Moving on, plastic handgrips are not that beautiful or chic and in most cases they are avoided by home owners. However, plastic is widely used as a protective film for aluminum door handles leading to balconies or outdoors because they can be easily painted in any possible shade to match the one of the door. Wood is pretty impressive as a material for handles as it’s rarely spotted nowadays. In the past though most door or window handles were made of wood and it wasn’t considered that special. But if you’re into a more antiquated or vintage, then wood is the one way to reach such a result.


To begin with, let’s imagine you go online and decide to purchase a pair of extraordinary bedside tables by Among other details you should notice their handles. You will immediately realize that there are endless picks. Firstly, there are some wooden bedside tables with just a hidden handle or grips made of plastic or toughened glass for maximum solidity and durability. Of course, many of the rest are constructed by aluminum or other kinds of metal depending on the impression they are about to give. Last but not least, there are some bedside tables that just have a tiny little button as a handle so as to offer extra style and minimality. No matter what you choose just make sure that the final choice is what you’ve always dreamt of so as not to regret about it afterwards. Don’t make any compromises and head for the best ones!!!