All About Watches


The commercial production of watches started around the 1850s, during this time; there were just a handful of manufacturers and a few brands. The industry has evolved from the backside business in the 1800s to over a thousand brands available in jewelry shops worldwide today.

Most of the watchmakers today are Swiss; the Swiss arguably makes the best types of watches. Swiss made watches are classical and very expensive, just the wealthy class can only afford them. Not everyone can afford to buy the Concord Mariner watch, or the Concord ladies watch, this is the reason why the industry is diversified.

Watchmakers understand the need of the society and trying to make watches for everyone. That’s why you have different brands, types, and prices. This has made the industry very large and famous too. This is why everyone can now afford a timepiece.

Whatever your taste in watches, there must be something you like. The first types of watches where the pocket watches followed by the analog, digital and then the quartz watches.

The Pocket Watches

The pocket watches have been around since the 1500s. They are designed to be carried in the pocket and were only owned by men of high status during the 16th century.

During that time, not everyone was privileged to afford these watches so only the rich could tell the time quickly. But today, pocket watches are less popular and more accessible.

Some of the brands that specialize in the design for pocket watches are Charles Hubert, Astronaut by Bulova wrist watch, the Wenger Men’s Standard and the Swiss Military Airport Blue.

Classification of Watches

The number of watches in the market today is mind-blowing, there are so many varieties of watches we have to classify them into two groups. The first group of watches is ranked based on technology and the second is based on usage.

Watches According To Technology

Quartz Watches

Quartz is the current technology used in watches today. Quartz watches use quartz crystals. The vibrations from the crystal are used to keep time. They make use of batteries which is replaced once a year or once in two years.

Analog Watches

Analog watches have numerals which are either Roman or digital faces. These numerals read in hours, minutes and seconds and are used to keep time.

Digital Watches

Digital watches are used to keep time efficiently. They are used in stopwatches or the design of sports watches. This kind of watches has unique additions like compass, calculators and even GPS.

With technology progressing dramaically, it probably wont be too long before we have robots inside our homes doing choirs we never dreamt of, and whilst this could pose risks as the link above covers, it showcases just how far we have come within the realms of technology. Smart watches bring to the table a whole collection of new features that make a them far more functional than simply telling the time.

Classification According To Usage

Antique or Vintage Watches

Vintage watches are old watches passed down to generations as an heirloom. They are a precious piece of antique made by the excellent craftsmanship in the period of their production. This kind of watches has high historical and family values, so they are well preserved.

Classic Watches

Classic watches are watches with old designs that are still made today because of their high demand.

Military Watches

These types of watches come with unique features used by the military to help their course. These watches have features like GPS, time tracker, compass, and even memory capacity.

Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are high-end watches designed with class and style.

Diving Watches

Diving watches are used by divers underwater. These type of watches are specially designed to withstand pressure underwater, and they are thoroughly water resistant.

Fashion Watches

Fashion watches are the stylish watches designed to keep the fashion world alive. There is the kind of watches you find in glossy fashion magazines. These type of watches prove that they are different ways to check time. They come in different styles and colors.

Jewelry Watches

Jewelry watches are styled with precious stones like diamonds. Their straps are of gold or platinum. You can find them in the wrists of celebrities in the music industry. They are custom made and are designed only on request.

Sports Watches

Sports watches are used by people who engage in exercises and physical training. They have features like heart monitor, GPS, memory and beeper to help the sportsperson through his activities.

Considering Various Tastes And Class While Making Watches:  A Case Study Of Rado Watch Brand.

Every watchmaker understands the importance of making watches for every class of the society. Although few brands stick to making high-end jewelry, most of the favorite brands today are diverse and have something for every level in the society.

An example of such brand is Rado watches. Rado, just like Michael Kors watches, is one of the major Swiss watch brands that came into the business since 1917 but formally manufactured a watch under the name Rado in 1957.

Since then, the company has continued to fascinate its customers with unique designs of watches that are stylishly crafted for an excellent time.

The Use Ceramic in Watch Designs

Rado watches first tasted the uses of Ceramic in the design of watches. The company later adopted the use of cermet, titanium and ceramic to change the regular style of watch designs. Ceramics are used in the design of watches because they provide a scratchproof cover for the watches. However, only high tech plasma ceramic is suitable for the design of watches.

Classical Rado Collections You Should Check Out

Rado watches have some amazing collections that have spearheaded the designs of most fashion watches we have today. Some of these collections are:


The Centrix is different from all other collections because of their distinct style and structures. These two factors are the reason behind the enormous amount of popularity the Centrix watches have today.

The Centric is slim and fitted with a malleable bracelet that fits tightly to the wrist. The watch is truly stylish as it fits into any environment and color. The shades used for the bracelets are nude and can blend with any color of the skin.

Centrix Gents

The male version of the Centrix watches bold with study ceramic that makes it stand out from the crowd. They are designed with shiny black colors which signify the male strength and his egos.

The watches are finished with a steel casing that brings out the apt male strength and agility. The watch is designed for men with bold wrists and comes in different shades of steel like the Gold, PVD stainless steel, and the rose Gold PVD casing

Centrix Ladies

Centrix watches for the ladies are finished with excellent details to accentuate the feminine gender. Although they have similar design and appearance with the male version, they are finished with beautiful stones, pearls and other ornamental additions that comes it that expensive taste.

The watch is designed with gold straps and also added graciously to the case. The watch displays both date and time to suit the lifestyle of most women.

The Centrix watches loaded with both quartz and automatic movement. The quartz and automatic combination are used to keep the precise accuracy of the watch to a very high degree.

The only downtime of this combination is that the battery needs replacement faster than its counterparts. The automatic movement does not require batteries for its function; this system is charged by the natural oscillation of the wearer’s hand.

The Centrix inspired the design of so many other fashion watches we have today. The watch is the first to use the tourbillion which makes it very accurate. The watch was much loved by its users worldwide and is used to make a fashion statement when it is worn stylishly to an event.


The coupole came out with a big bang that knocked off all other previous designs from Rado. The watches are small and clockwise in appearance but are very beautiful.

Coupole Gents

Just like the guys love it, the Coupole Gents represents the stable attribute of a calm and composed male figure. The watch is designed with a sturdy steel base that keeps it running for a longer time before you have to change its batteries. They are designed with circular dials that are polished with different colors like silver, white and gold.

The straps are designed to grip the wrists toughly and are made of leather, stainless steel, and two-tone. These different straps are for different choices. If you want a thin strap then you should go for the leather, if you are looking for a bold, shiny strap then you have got the stainless steel, for a different effect, you can choose the two-tone.

Some models are coated with diamonds. This is done on request of the buyer. The watch is water resistant and can withstand water pressure to a certain level.

Coupole Ladies

The coupole ladies watch more gorgeous and sophisticated compared to the male versions. The straps are designed like chains, the first of its kind in watch designs. This is why the company stands out when compared to other watchmakers.

Now you know about watches, you can learn more about designer watches when you visit the TIC watch website. Fashion is all about complete appearance; you cannot be complete without the right timepiece. It’s not just about the time; it is about how you can make it look.