All you Need to Know about Engineered Wood


If you have decided to go with wooden flooring then
cheap European engineered oak flooring can be the most reliable and stable option. It mimics real wood perfectly and is constructed by the combination of several wooden layers glued together. The process is carried out under immense pressure and heat. The result is a lightweight plank and tiles that are rigid in nature.


There are various reasons due to which these types of woods are best for wooden flooring. All the features are detailed in brief in the blog below.

Advantages of Using Engineered Wooden Flooring :

The laminated construction is highly durable there are no changes in the flooring like shrinking and expansion due to variation in humidity and temperature. You don’t have to stick to a particular choice but the engineered woods for flooring are available in different species of woods, colour shades and finishes. You can choose them as per your home decor or interior of your office.

  • If you want to keep your choices simple and classy you can go with walnut, cherry maple and oak.
  • If you like trendy and spicy you can go for exotics and the options available in this category are sapele, acacia, tigerwood and much more.
  • These floors are highly durable as they are pre-finished with UV-cured polyurethane.
  • Some of the floorings and finishing are supported with aluminium oxide. Such wooden floors come with 25 years of warranty. These floors come with extra toughness.
  • The installation of the wooden floor can be similar to that of any other solid wooden flooring. It can be easily glued, nailed or even used as a floating product. It comes with ends and edges so that they can be connected to each other with ease.
  • The engineered wooden floor can be maintained easily. You just need to clean it twice or thrice a week. It does not require regular cleaning. You can clean it simply by a vacuum cleaner or simply sweeping it.
  • Use the products or soaps specified for wooden floors do not use any random product. Rather a wet mop would be fine for use.
  • Make sure you use the right mop that does not leave any wet marks on the floor.
  • Use flat footwear on the wooden floor. Any pointed product like heels or animal nails can cause the dents and dings on the floor. Though it can be maintained easily, yet you ought to be extra careful with the floor.
  • Laying of engineered woods is easy, it can be placed directly on the concrete without the requirement of any additional support.
  • To take proper care of the floors you should be well aware of the product used for finishing. Check while purchasing if the product is wax finished or polyurethane is used in place of it.
  • Use of tea bags, boil water and tannic acid in tea makes your floor spot free and shining. It appears as if it is freshly installed.
  • Engineered Wooden flooring can be used at your home, office or any other public building and taken care with ease. It is a multipurpose flooring choice due to its higher tensile strength and resistance.
  • It is recommended to use it on dry areas of your home. It is not fit for use in toilets and bathrooms.

Final Words:

If after a long period of use you see any scratches on the floor, do not worry. Just take a crayon of the colour of the wood and use it over the scratched area. The cracks or scratches would be covered leaving your floor completely fresh with the desired look.Make use of floor protectors under furniture and in high traffic areas to avoid wear, tear and damage.