Allergy-Proofing Your Home To Keep Your Children Healthy


Keeping your home allergen-free can seem like an overwhelming challenge, especially if you have young children that are relatively active. Unfortunately, neglecting the issue will only result in the build-up of allergens breeding in your home and as a result, your family will likely suffer from several health issues from a weakened immune system to constant sinus issues and even skin conditions. Therefore, you should be devoted to an ongoing strategy aimed at eliminating allergen causes and regularly cleaning your home to ensure your families immediate environment is as suitable and safe as possible. 


If you are uncertain of how you can effectively remove allergens from your home, you should consider the following occasional and ongoing efforts.

Pest Control Services

While many parents and individuals may disregard the importance of routine fumigations to remove pests such as cockroaches and several others, these pests can cause allergies and health conditions. What’s more, most cockroach infestations go undetected until the problem becomes concerningly severe. This is because roaches tend to lurk in the dark and shy away from humans; leaving them hidden until the problem is uncontrollable without full home fumigation and follow up fumigations to kill eggs. Pest control services will not only terminate the existence of sneaky roaches lurking in your home as such services can protect your home from bees, ants, termites, and several other concerning pests. Even if you assume your home is void of such pests, it would be wise to schedule routine fumigation at least twice per year as this is the safest way to keep pests at bay. 

Disinfect Surfaces And Floors Weekly

If you have youngsters roaming around your home, your first concern should be the level of cleanliness they are surrounded by. Even though keeping your home clean after having kids can be overwhelming, toddlers and crawling little ones are well-known for learning through taste and touch, which is why your should be disinfecting your floors and all surfaces regularly. Rather than using ordinary tile cleaner, you should ensure the ingredients are able to disinfect rather than simply clean.

Clean Air

The air your family breathes is as important as the state of your home, therefore, only cleaning surfaces and floors are not sufficient when it comes to ridding your home of allergens. There are several ways of providing your family with cleaner air, from portable air purifying units to air conditioning units. However, you should avoid smoking cigarettes and using air fragrances where possible as these products do not clean the air but rather simply provide a fresher odour. These products can lead to sinus issues and other respiratory health issues if used excessively, especially around younger children.

Linen And Carpets

You should be washing your bed linen at least once each week. However, a regular wash is not sufficient when it comes to killing allergens that could be breading in your beds. It is crucial to use a hot wash instead of a regular cold or warm wash as hot water or steam can kill pests such as bed bugs. When it comes to keeping your carpets or rugs allergen-free, you should opt for deep steam cleaning methods at least once a month while vacuuming should be at least once each week. If you find that keeping your carpets and rugs clean is not entirely possible, it would be wise to consider removing them from your home and opting for tilling instead as tiles or wooden flooring is significantly easier to keep clean and disinfected.

Preventing Mould Build-Up

Mould may seem like an ordinary occurrence in areas of the home such as the bathroom, basement, and kitchen. However, the effects of certain types of mould, such as black mould, can be devastating as they cause respiratory conditions. Methods of removing mould can be understandably strenuous and costly, which is why prevention is always better. The best way to prevent the build-up of mould in your home is too ensure moisture build-up is not an impacting factor. Therefore, your bathroom, kitchen, and basement should be well-ventilated. You can opt for solutions such as installing extractor fans in these areas of your home as they will prevent moisture build-up caused by steam.

Keeping your home ideally clean may be challenging while you are making habit adjustments, although, by adapting to a mindset that focuses on routine cleaning and occasional fumigation and pest control, you will be able to enjoy a clean home every day. The benefits of having a clean home are undeniably rewarding.