Amazing Places In New Zealand You Must Visit


New Zealand is 1500 kilometers  east of Australia in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. New Zealand is an island country. It is really remoteness from the other lands and because of that New Zealand is settled by humans a little late. It was isolated for long time and during that isolation, New Zealand develop diverse flora and fauna. Today, New Zealand abounds with different kinds of animals, especially is reach with unique bird spices. As for the land, New Zealand has  varied topography and an amazing mountains, which are created by tectonic uplift and volcanic eruptions. And because of that country’s history, there are many amazing places in New Zealand you must visit.

New Zealand is settled for the first time in 1250 – 1300 CE by Polynesians. Later in 1642 CE in New Zealand arrived  Dutch explorer Abel Tasman and make some changes in existing cultureе which escalate with conflict. Little later, New Zealand become British Colony. Today, New Zealand is a kingdom headed by Queen Elizabeth 2.

New Zealand population is the most European, but there is also  indigenous Māori. The New Zealand culture originated from Māori and early British settlers, but today it is changing because of globalization and increased immigration from Asia and Pacific Islands. So, today New Zealand is one  modern country, but its history created incredible monuments and amazing places you must visit.

Napier, New Zeland

Amazing Places In New Zealand: Punakaiki coast

The Waikato River

 The Waikato River

The Coromandel

Tongariro National Park