Amazing Trends That Will Hit Your Kitchen in 2016


We are all looking for modern kitchens with interesting and vivid colors, textures, unique shapes and beautiful details. At the same time, we are also looking for a functional kitchen design that will cut the clutter and make that space clean and tidy. The kitchen functionality is very important as it will help us get rid of items that we do not use every day and bring a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere where we can enjoy cooking.

2015 is coming to an end and we need to recognize that it was a wonderful year not  for kitchens but for all interior designs. 2016 is also going to be a very interesting year, so for today I have made you an article that is called “Amazing Trends That Will Hit Your Kitchen in 2016”. 2016 kitchen trends are influenced by contemporary technology, bringing the latest materials and kitchen appliances in the kitchens. Beautiful and convenient kitchen storage ideas and functional zones are defining the trends.

If you want to freshen up your cooking space with new cabinets or you have just moved to a new apartment or house and you are interested in a complete kitchen remodel, you should definitely read this article! It will help you get informed about the kitchen trends in 2016, before you waste your money on something old fashioned and useless. When decorating your home, you should keep in mind that you should strike a balance between classic and trendy, because a kitchen can cost a fortune and it needs to last for years. The following trends are powerful and will give a new to look to any kitchen, so let’s check them out!

#1 Colorful or White Sinks

People usually incorporate sinks that are made of warm metals like, bronze and copper. But, this year this kind of sinks are not on the list and we should skip them. A colorful modern sink or sink in a warm color that can make any kitchen warm and inviting is definitely a better choice. A plain white sink is also a good idea and can fit perfectly into any kitchen. Stainless steel sinks can be matched with bronze-colored fixtures, but white sink and bronze fixture is safer choice for many of us.

kitchen sink

#2 Glass Kitchen Worktops and Splashbacks

Glossy and smooth surfaces, especially kitchen elements that are made of glass are one of the most interesting trends in 2016. Glass will make your kitchen look comfortable, bright and fabulous. Large windows, tables, cabinets doors, splashbacks and worktops are just a few contemporary and trendy ideas to try in the upcoming year. Glass splashbacks are becoming the first choice not only for kitchen designers, but the bathroom designer all over the world, because of glass advantages and resistance to heat, scratches, stains, water and impact. This type of splashbacks are easy to clean and will look outstanding in future.

Deep Silver Premium-kitchen glass splashback

Worktops made of solid wood need to be oiled at least twice a year because they scratch and mark easily. Granite and marble stain, scratch and weigh a lot, while the laminate looks cheap and can be easily damaged. Quartz worktops can discolor over time and stainless steel scratches easily and has an unappealing look. That’s why the glass worktops gain on popularity and with their attractive look are one of the hottest 2016 kitchen trends. Glass worktops are non-porous, very easy to maintain, clean and are heat resistant. Glass won’t stain like the marble, granite and wood and bacteria is easy to wipe away with household cleaners. If you are concerned about the hygiene in your kitchen and want to give a sensational new look to that space, then you should visit CreoGlass’s Worktops.  You can find wide range of glass worktops and create an elegant, sophisticated and modern cooking space or make a bold statement with a colorful print worktops, shimmering glimmer or other art worktops and express your style. The possibilities are endless and it is up to you what you will choose.

Purple Glittery-Kitchen Glass Splashback