An Alternative Approach to Hair Care


Do you find that looking after your hair means that you’re constantly piling up more and more products? Twenty years ago, all that most of us used was shampoo and conditioner. Today, we combine these with masks, serums, sun-blocks, protective sprays and more. It’s a lot to drag around when traveling, it’s time-consuming, and if products are not properly coordinated, it can even result in hair damage. What if you could use just three products and get consistently good results without ever having to change them? That’s what Viabrance has to offer – and it can help to repair and rejuvenate hair into the bargain.

What is Viabrance?

This very different approach to hair care involves three products designed as parts of a single system, working together to provide nourishment, protection and enhanced growth. A growth serum stimulates hair production, a follicle booster makes new hair grow in more strongly, and biotin gummies ensure that you get just the right balance of vitamins and minerals to support healthy hair growth. It takes time to become fully effective because the focus is on new hair production, but over time, most users find that it really makes a difference. You can follow Viabrance on social media to get lots of useful tips on how to look after your hair.

Scalp nutrition

Instead of having to change your diet or use different mask treatments all the time, you can use Viabrance to give your scalp all the nutrients it needs. This improves the health of hair follicles, helping them to stay in good condition as you get older, and it tackles problems such as dryness and flaking, which can lead to hair being lost. It also means that your follicles have the right building blocks for constructing healthy, resilient strands of hair with the potential to grow significantly longer. Hair like this is much easier to look after, cutting down on the maintenance you need to do over time and meaning that if you have a long style, then you won’t need to get it trimmed as often.

Hair repair

Viabrance contains hydrolyzed soy protein, which can fortify existing strands of hair, reducing breakage. Dimethyl isosorbide penetrates the hair sheath so that this and other ingredients can be absorbed internally, improving elasticity and giving your locks natural bounce. Lactic acid can help to support hair much as it supports skin on the face (you’ll find it in many cosmetic products), and the growth serum also contains a moisturizing agent that helps to protect and plump up strands, giving them a natural gloss.


Minoxidil is the only FDA-approved product designed to stimulate hair regrowth in women. Although it can only do so much to help with hair loss caused by the aging process – in the end, follicles are mortal – it’s very effective at restoring growth in people who have suffered from alopecia or androgenic hair loss. Whether you actually have bald patches or your hair has simply started thinning, minoxidil can revive tired follicles and get them active again, significantly boosting hair production.

Using Viabrance effectively

To get the best results from Viabrance products, you’ll need to use all three every day. Apply the serums first thing in the morning and again at night, allowing enough time for your hair to dry before you go to bed. You can be a bit more flexible about when you take the supplements, but it’s best to take one with your breakfast and another with your evening meal, helping to keep your body well-resourced at all times. You will need to keep on using it in order to prevent your hair from declining again.

Long-term hair care

Viabrance can do a great deal to improve the condition of your hair, but it can’t do everything. If you want to look as good as possible, then you should complement its use with good long-term hair care. This means avoiding cigarettes and excess alcohol, brushing your hair regularly with a soft brush (the idea that frequent brushing causes hair loss is a myth), and keeping blow drying and other heat-related styling techniques to a minimum. Opting for relaxed styles as often as possible reduces pressure on the roots and gives hair a longer lifespan.

With a good basic hair care regime, you won’t need to keep hunting down new products with which to fix problems, because you’ll have far fewer problems in the first place. This alternative approach to looking after your locks means that you won’t risk overloading them and can simply relax and let their natural beauty shine through.