Answer to the questions that were a mystery in the past


There a lots of people interested to learn the answers of the biggest mysteries on Earth. They look for proofs, experts and even do a research themselves in order to understand it. However, what used to be a mystery in the past, it is a clear fact nowadays. Even though there are plenty of unanswered dilemmas, at least we have an answer to a few more questions.

What’s first, the egg or the hen?

It took the experts a quality time until they came to this conclusion. According to Charles Darwin and some modern biologists, the first to appear was the egg. The type of a bird that developed in a hen throughout the years couldn’t appear out of the blue. It was a long time ago when the bird of that time “turned into” what we know nowadays as a hen. This changes happened firstly inside the egg while the bird was still an embryo. That very egg gave us the nowadays look of the bird we call hen. After that, that exactly bird gave many eggs and kept the chain of life that way.


What are the stains that appear when we look at a strong light?

They are known as “blind dots” as well. When we suddenly see a very strong light, the photoreceptors inside our eyes become overwhelmed. For a short period from that moment on they lose the ability to reflect. After some time, when come back to their previous and normal stage, they show us what we were supposed to see. That’s why the experts recommend to cover one eye when you switch dark to a very bright room. That way you prepare your eyes in advance for the change and you will overcome the period of the “blind dots” easily.


Are the zebras white or black?

Actually the zebras are black horses with white strips. The strips appear as a consequence of a genetic process known as a selective pigmentation. The main pigment is the black color. The strips appear in absence of black pigment. Some dedicated experts even managed to find an answer to the question why do the zebras need that color. According to them, the combination of that two colors avoid the attention of the horse flies.


Why do the cats look at an empty space that often?

Some people go to extremes claiming that the cats do such thing because they have the ability to see ghosts. However, the truth is that that’s the way the cats get ready for sleeping. This animals spend a lots of time sleeping. So you have to be aware actually when they are looking around observing something. That means that they have noticed something we are not aware of.


Why do we look alike our ancestors?

People’s genes can be either dominant or recessive. It is actually a normal case if the child to two parents with brown eyes has blue eyes. This only means that the parents have recessive genes for blue eyes. But if you really look alike some of your ancestors this indicates that in past cases the genes lost the battle against some dominant genes and now it’s the time when they do become dominant ones.