Antique is the New Contemporary


Antique furniture could stretch back to centuries.  With that much history, a very deep, hands-on understanding is required.  Antique dealers for this reason are often generational. Discoveries abound in the realms of history, and antique furniture has it in droves.  Value can be exceptionally greater than people realize. Proper antique dealers scour not only London but the world for the best deals and the rarest treasures. There is an exciting element to this lifestyle which has not been ignored by novelists and popular culture practitioners. Imagine an old deed or legal document to a hidden fortune in the back drawer of an antique bureau bookcase from the Victorian era. People have vast, multifaceted lives; and the things they leave behind tell a story that is categorically unique, and part of the value-inducing aspect of antique items.
Talking about a specific antique article: Antique bureau bookcases possess unique appeal complemented by antique finish. It’s not just the antediluvian appearance that makes them intriguingly attractive, but the utility that accompanies cannot be simply overlooked. The best antique bureau bookcases will hail from the collection of experienced dealers who offer top-notch, personable service and have passion for what they do.  Look for an organization of dealers that offers personal delivery.  Really, antique hunting is kind of a gift.  Imagine Sherlock Holmes’ deductive reasoning applied to the furniture market.  Such talents aren’t entirely fictional.  Deriving a puzzle from clues of logic is a skill that can be honed, and is required for solid antiquing.  Much like the musician knows which notes are most poignant, boisterous, frightening or sad in a given progression, the antique dealer knows which parts of town hail from which histories, which shops may have items whose worth goes unnoticed, and where to find items being moved for other reasons.  Antique furniture in London is diverse and can be fascinating.

The best dealers of antique bureau bookcases will have stock that is in exceptionally good condition for their age.  Even those that have been through the ringer may at times be cleaned and refurbished.  If something is beyond the aide of a solid antiquing operation, it won’t be brought to the attention of potential clients.  There’s a difference between antiques and junk.

Giving your home or commercial premise that vintage feel almost brings the depth of the past into the stark contrast of the present.  Elegance was in many of the creations of ancestors.  Without technology of the multifaceted, assembly-line grade, when people made something of substance they really put part of their heart and soul into it.  This is why such items can stand the test of time.  An IKEA family room set is not likely to be considered a valuable antique.  But your grandmother’s Victorian Divan might.

In the modern world where time is premium, patience is a rarity, and ire is consistently playing ping-pong in the streets, sometimes the elegance of our ancestors can bring us back to the truth of reality.  The reality that what is made with the hands can stand the test of time, if it’s made with attention and accurate intention.  LT Antiques distributes through London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent an elegant furniture range.  Trusted for several generations, these professional, passionate purveyors have spent decades in the industry of antique furniture that encompasses antique bureau bookcases, desks, chairs and more.  They know its value, how to properly restore it, the history behind various pieces, their likelihood of discovery, and just where the valuable finds are waiting to be bought and sold.  You can check through their various elegant online listings or visit their physical location yourself.  Trust experts who’ve been in the business for several years.

There are a bevy of antique furniture options of which antique bureau bookcases is prominent –those with reputation like a solid tree –or a piece of furniture that was cunningly designed and stood the test of time.  Bring that elegance to modernity with LT Antiques.

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